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Industrial visit by Mechanical Engineering students

B.Tech second-year (2022-2026 Batch) Mechanical Engineering students went on an industrial visit to Nidadavole, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, on November 11, 2023. During this visit, they explored two industries: Nandina Iron & Steels Limited and Photons Food Processing Engineers Ltd.

Nandina Iron & Steel Limited operates as a foundry specializing in the casting of industrial valves and alloy steel valves, supplying them to Vizag Steel Plant in Visakhapatnam. The students observed various sections, including pattern making, preparing of moulding sand, cope & drag preparation, metal pouring, fettling, and machining for component surface finishing. They were fortunate to witness heavy-duty lathes, planers, and shapers in action.

Additionally, the students visited Photons Food Processing Engineers, a company that designs and manufactures food processing equipment for modern rice mills and fish processing plants. Here, they gained insights into the operations of shearing machines, bending machines, and various welding processes, such as arc welding, plasma welding, metal inert-gas (MIG) welding, and oxy-fuel welding used for joining sheets. A total of 46 students, accompanied by department faculties Dr. N. Naga Krishna and Mr. Ch. Naveen Kumar, participated in these company visits.

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