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Accredited by NAAC 'A+'(3.51 CGPA) & NBA

Sponsored Projects

S.No. Project Title Funding Agency PI Name Amount Sanctioned Duration Project Status
1 Effective Semantic Search through Cognitive Machine Learning based Natural Language Understanding DST Cognitive Science Initiative(CSI) Dr.D.Suryanarayana
2442185 2013-2016 Completed
2 Personal Clouds DST-WOSA Mrs.M.Srilakshmi
2585000 2013-2016 Completed
3 Study, Analysis and Implementation of Machine Learning Algorithms on Hadoop to solve Bigdata Problems SERB, Young Scientist Dr.K.Hima Bindu
3442000 2015-2018 Completed
4 Reliability Measures and Evaluation of Underwater Mobile Ad Hoc Networks NRB-DRDO Dr.N.Padmavathy
1856124 2017-2019 Completed
5 Modernization of Electrical Machines Laboratory AICTE under MODROBS Scheme Dr. R.V.D. Rama Rao
1344000 2020-2021 Under Progress
6 Promoting Innovations in Rural entrepreneurs andartisans in Andhra Pradesh DST (NSTMIS) Dr.K.Ganga Raju
2897400 2018-2021 Under Progress
7 Science Cafe for Creating Scientific Awareness Among School Students, Teachers and People of East and West Godavari Districts DST-NCSTC Dr. G. Ganga Raju (PI)
Dr. Rajesh Yadav Mudi (Co-PI)
2467280 2021-2022 waiting for financial support
8 AICTE FDP on Reliability Engineering and System Safety AICTE Dr.N.Padmavathy
632925 2020-2021 Completed
9 AICTE - STTP on Developing Cyber Security Models based on Statistical and Deep Learning AICTE Dr. P. Sita Rama Murty
331667 2020-2021 Completed