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Patent Publications

S.No. Title of the Patent Inventors Patent Details
(Application No., Date of filing, Date of Publishing)
Year of Publications Department Download
1 A wearable pregnancy monitoring apparatus to collect physiological parameters Dr.S.Sugumaran 202241064840 DOF: 12/11/2022 DOP: 18/11/2022 2022 ECE Know more..
2 AI based privacy protocol in smart healthcare system using IOT Mr. D Durga Prasad 202241058906 DOF:14/10/2022 DOP: 21/10/2022 2022 ECE Know more..
3 Artificial Intelligence enabled fall care wearable system for elders Dr.S.Sugumaran 202241052932 DOF:16/09/2022 DOP: 23/09/2022 2022 ECE Know more..
4 IOT and AI based Smart Chips for Embedded Operating Systems with High Level of Confidence Dr. B V V Satyanarayana, Mr. A K Chaitanya Varma, Dr. G Prasanna Kumar, Mr.Mulagala Dileep, Mr.Prudhvi Raj Budumuru, Mr.Kothapalli Ramesh Chandra, Mr.S V S N Murthy, Mr.A M V Pathi, Mr.B Elisha Raju, Mr.D Durga Prasad 202241047158 DOF:19/08/2022 DOP: 26/08/2022 2022 ECE Know more..
5 A Method and System For Usage Of Refused Materials For The Replacement In Flay Ash Brick Mr.Shaik Subhan Alisha, Mr.VVS.Sarma, Mr.M.Manikanta, Mr. KS. Sai kumar, Ms.Kyle Suseela, Mr.BDV.Prasad, Mr. P.Rohith, Ms.B.Mary Devika, Mr. P. Manoj 202241040855 DOF: 18/07/2022 DOP:22/07/2022 2022 CIVIL Know more..
6 IOT ,Blockchain Enabled Verifiable Searchable Encryption with aggregateing authorization using machine learning techniques. Mrs. Venkata Naga Rani Bandaru 202241030707 DOF: 28/05/2022 DOP:17/06/2022 2022 IT Know more..
7 Automated Inspection of Transmission Lines/cell Tower using Virtual Reality Mrs.G.Srilakshmi 202241013632 DOF:12/03/2022 DOP:25/03/2022 2022 ECE Know more..
8 A System And Method For Performing One Or More Functions Associated With An Assistive Device Dr.Abhinav Dayal, Dr.P.Sreenu, Mrs.B.Sridevi, Mr.K. Bhargav Kiran, Mr.S.Ravi Shankar, Dr.Sumit Gupta 202241004876 DOF: 28/01/2022 DOP:04/02/2022 2022 CSE Know more..
9 Nanomaterial composites for electrochemical detection of phenol Dr. B. Tirumala Rao, Dr. Ch. Rajyalakshmi 202231042301 DOF:23/07/2022 DOP: 05/08/2022 2022 BS Know more..
10 Design and implementation of an IoT based Monitoring system for inland vessels using multiple sensor networks Mr. A K Chaitanya Varma, Dr. G Prasanna Kumar, Dr. B V V Satyanarayana 202231038458 DOF: 04/07/2022 DOP:29/07/2022 2022 ECE Know more..
11 IOT Based Omicron Emerged In A Covid-19- Testing Booth Enabled With Thermal Image Detection Of Visitor Mrs. Venkata Naga Rani Bandaru 202221000262 DOF: 03/01/2022 DOP:25/02/2022 2022 IT Know more..
12 A Method And System For Real Time Rendering Of A Metaverse Master Trainer Of An Expert On A User Device Dr.Abhinav Dayal 202141058015 DOF:13/12/2021 DOP:21/01/2022 2022 CSE Know more..
13 Visitors Detection and Face recognisation system using IOT technology Dr. D.J Nagendra Kumar 202141050486 DOF: 03/11/2021 DOP:19/11/2021 2021 IT Know more..
14 Hybrid memory cube oriented image classification using convolution neural networks Dr.S.Sugumaran 202141047867 DOF : 21/10/2021 DOP : 26/11/2021 2021 ECE Know more..
15 A Virtualization System For Internet Of Things (IOT) Devices And Their Connected Storage Medium And Method Thereof Dr. Prakash Pareek 202141045802 DOF: :07/10/2021 DOP: 22/10/2021 2021 ECE Know more..
16 Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Human Robot Communication Dr. R. Suryanarayana 202141038197 DOF: 24/08/2021 DOP:03/09/2021 2021 BS Know more..
17 Automated Vaccine Distribution In India With Fastest Document Verification Model Dr.S.Sugumaran 202141035803 DOF : 09/08/2021 DOP : 20/08/2021 2021 ECE Know more..
18 A data mining tool for monitoring and reporting for a change in a real-Time data Dr. Ravi Kumar Saidala 202141032482 DOF:19/07/2021 DOP:30/07/2021 2021 IT Know more..
19 Seamless Multiuser UeSynchronisation Mechanism In 5g Oran Architecture Mr. K. Ramesh Chandra 202141032025 DOF:16/07/2021 DOP:23/07/2021 2021 ECE Know more..
20 Optimized Ultra Large Scale Soc Test Control Architecture With Scan Test For Bandwidth Management Mr.Abdul Rahaman Shaik 202141028833 DOF:27/06/2021 DOP:16/07/2021 2021 ECE Know more..
21 An Efficient Enhanced Vlsi Architecure Of Montgomery Modular Multiplication Mr.P. Sivanantha Maitrey 202141028654 DOF:25/06/2021 DOP:09/07/2021 2021 ECE Know more..
22 Design and Fabrication of Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wireless 5G Applications Dr.S.Sugumaran 202141021100 DOF:10/05/2021 DOP:11/06/2021 2021 ECE Know more..
23 Diagnosis Prediction And Gradcam Visualization Of Dental Opgs With Deep Learning Ai Model Dr.Abhinav Dayal 202141021018 DOF:10/05/2021 DOP:11/06/2021 2021 CSE Know more..
24 A cost Efective Solar Powered Mobile Jacket to Encounter the Charging Issues While Exploring Offbeat Places Dr. Argha Sarkar, Dr. Mayuri Kundu, Dr. D J Nagendra Kumar 202141011345 DOF: 17-03-2021DOP:26-03-2021 2021 ECE & CSE, IT Know more..
25 Smart Prediction System To Mine The Database Of Covid Vaccinated Personel Mrs.Pushpa Latha Mamidi 202141008199 DOF:26/02/2021 DOP:02/04/2021 2021 BS Know more..
26 An Effective and Reliable Grid-Connected PV System with Battery for Uninterrupted Supply to Loads. Dr. Ramu Inala 202141006879 DOF:18/02/2021 DOP:26/02/2021 2021 MECH Know more..
27 Wild Animal-Train Collision Prevention System Dr.S.Sugumaran 202141006199 DOF:14/02/2021 DOP:19/02/2021 2021 ECE Know more..
28 A Smart And Efficient Setup To Use Solar Energy For CCTV Cameras 1.Mrs.V. V.Vijetha Inti 2 . Dr. Ch. Rajya Lakshmi 202141000855 DOF: 08/01/2021 DOP:15/01/2021 2021 EEE &BS Know more..
29 Artificial Neural Network Based Detection Of Covid-19 From Chest X-Ray Dr.S.Sugumaran 202121012313 DOF: 22-03-2021 DOP:26-03-2021 2021 ECE Know more..
30 Stress Test on Single Thermoelectric Cell in water-based Cooling CTEG System 1 . Dr.Ramu Inala 2 . Mr.Daloji Locherla 3 . Mr.Ch.Bhanu Prakash 4 . Mr.Gullipalli Narasinga Rao 5 . Mr.Duvvuri VamseeKrishna 6 . Mr.B.Bangarraju 202041055617 DOF: 21/12/2020 DOP:22/01/2021 2021 MECH Know more..
31 Effects of the wind on the High Level Water Collecting Wet CoolingTower 1 . Dr.Ramu Inala 2 . Mr.Vinod M 3 . Mr.Raghuraman M 4 . Mr.Srinivas P 5 . Mr.Mahesh Chakravarthi V 6 . Mr.Bhanuteja Krapa 7 . Dr.Venu Mangam 202041055058 DOF: 17/12/2020 DOP:22/01/2021 2021 MECH Know more..
32 Machine Learning And Fuzzy Logic Based Smart Detection Of Chronic Lung Cancer Dr.S.Sugumaran 202141033357 DOF : 25/07/2021 DOP : 06/08/2021 2021 ECE Know more..
33 Smart Food Packaging System For Frozen Shrimps 1.Dr. R V D Rama Rao 2.Mr. K. N. S.Durga Prakash 3.Mr. G. Phani Chandra 4.Mr. V. Surya Manoj 5.Mr. B.Seshagir 6.Mr. M.Prem Kumar 7.Mr. B.Sai Rakesh 8.Mr. K.Tarun 9.Mr. K. Dheeraj Negar 202041055147 DOF: 18/12/2020 DOP:25/12/2020 2020 EEE Know more..
34 Enhanced Power Utilization And Virtualization In Cloud Datacenter Through Cluster-MG Algorithm Dr.S.Sugumaran 202041054869DOF: 17/12/2020 DOP:25/12/2020 2020 ECE Know more..
35 Design and Fabrication of Electric Smart Bike with Voice Recognition 1.Dr.Addanki Purna Ramesh 2.Dr.Idamakanti Kasireddy 202041053479 DOF: 09/12/2020 DOP:18/12/2020 2020 ECE &EEE Know more..
36 An Automated IOT Based Solar Panelized Washing Machine 1. Dr.S.Pragaspathy 2. Mr.Potharaju Naveen 3. Mr.V S N Narasimha Raju 4. Mr. Ch. Phani Kumar 202041052594 DOF:03/12/2020 DOP:11/12/2020 2020 EEE Know more..
37 Investigation Of IOT Based Life Care Autonomous System Dr.Prakash Pareek 202041050552 DOF: 20/11/2020 DOP:04/12/2020 2020 ECE Know more..
38 VLSI Based Eeg Signal Rocessing For Smart Patient Monitoring System Dr.Prakash Pareek 202041044774 DOF: 14/10/2020 DOP: 23/10/2020 2020 ECE Know more..
39 Borewell Rescue system using supervised learning Technique Mr. J N S S Janardhana Naidu 202041043122 DOF:05/10/2020 DOP:16/10/2020 2020 CSE Know more..
40 Development Of A Solar Powered Economical And Environmental Friendly E-Banner: An Exclusive Sustainable Green Approach Dr. Argha Sarkar, Dr. Mayuri Kundu 202041043065 DOF: 03/10/2020 DOP: 30/10/2020 2020 ECE Know more..
41 Smart Drips Bag Hanging System Dr. S.Sugumaran 202041040649 DOF: 19/09/2020 DOP: 25/09/2020 2020 ECE Know more..
42 Privacy Preserving Statistical Analysis System For Wireless Medical Sensor Data 1. Mr.Kothapalli Rameshchandra 2 . Mr.Rajeshkumar Godi 3 . Mr.Abdul Rahaman Shaik 4 .Mr. B V V Satyanarayana 5 .Mr. Cheepuri V V S Srinivas 6 . Mr.G. Prasanna Kumar 7 . Mr.Prudhvi Raj Budumuru 202041036247 DOF: 22/08/2020 DOP: 04/09/2020 2020 ECE Know more..
43 Energy Auditing For Iot System Security By Deep Learning Convolution Neural Network Mr.M V Pathi Amudalapalli 202041036196 DOF: 22/08/2020 DOP: 04/09/2020 2020 ECE Know more..
44 Renewable Energy Driven Air Cooler Actuated By Solar Power Dr. Mayuri Kundu 202041035329 DOF: 17/08/2020 DOP: 04/09/2020 2020 CSE Know more..
45 Automated Enhanced E-Learning System For Engineering Students Using Iot Mr.Chintapanti Murali Krishna 202041031432 DOF: 22/07/2020 DOP: 07/08/2020 2020 ECE Know more..
46 Safe Driving and Accident Prevention Using Wireless Transmitter Traffic Control Dr. Addanki Purna Ramesh 202041030719 DOF: 18/07/2020 DOP: 31/07/2020 2020 ECE Know more..
47 Virus Control in Shrimp Cultivation based on Internet of Things Mrs. Pilli Shyamala Madhuri 202041028484 DOF: 04/07/2020 DOP: 17/07/2020 2020 CSE Know more..
48 Solid state deposition process of surface alloy coating Dr.MangamVenu 202041015774 DOF: 11/04/2020 DOP:05/06/2020 2020 MECH Know more..
49 An Integrated 555 Timer IC KIT Mr.O.Ranga Rao 201941016569 DOF: 25/04/2019 DOP: 13/09/2019 2019 ECE Know more..
50 Multi Purpose Braille E-Type writer Head Dr. D.Suryanarayana, Mr.K.V.S.H.Gayatri Sarman 7038/CHE/2015, DOF: 29/12/2015, DOP: 25/03/2016 2016 ECE Know more..
51 E Braille Trainee Device Prof.K.Srinivas, Mr.K.V.S.H.Gayatri Sarman 7034/CHE/2015 DOF: 29/12/2015 DOP: 25/03/2016 2016 ECE Know more..

Patent Grants

S.No. Title of the Patent Inventors Patent Details
(Application No., Date of filing, Date of Publishing)
Year of Publications Department Download
1 Effects of mechanical properties of new hybrid fiber reinforced polypropylene composites Dr.Ramu Inala, Dr.Pavan Kumar, A. Srinivas, Dr.Mangam, Venu, Mr.Daloji L, Mrs.Francy, K. Anupama, Mr.Krishna, Duvvuri Vamsee, Mr. Srinuvas, P, MrSeshu, K. V. G. R, Mr.Narasingarao G. 2021103445 DOF:18/06/2021 DOG:03/11/2021 2021 ME Know more..