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Vishnu Institute of Technology

Vishnu Institute of Technology, was established in 2008 by Sri Vishnu Educational Society (SVES), a leading educational trust to promote quality education, under the aegis of eminent philanthropist Padma Bhushan Dr. B.V.Raju (Late). The institute is approved by AICTE and is permanently affiliated to JNTUK, Kakinada. It has got Autonomous status in the academic year 2019-20 and is accredited by NBA and NAAC 'A+' with 3.51 CGPA.

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About Us

Sri Vishnu Educational Society has stood first among equals because of its quest and hard work to develop as an educational society which stands apart.

Sri Vishnu Educational Society


The Society aims and strives for continuous improvement in the field of education and is committed to delivering world class education in various fields to students from different strata.

Our founder chairman Late Padma Bhushan Dr. B.V. Raju, through his excellent vision and foresight established many educational institutions. These institutions are playing a vital role in moulding and shaping the future of thousands of students year after year.

S V E S Management Team

ChairmanSri. K.V. Vishnu Raju began his career as a Chemical Engineer in M/s. E.T. Dupont De Nemours, USA, from 1989 to 1991, where he looked after research and development in polymers, ceramics and adhesives. He returned to India in 1992 and served as the Executive Director of M/s. Raasi Cement Ltd., Hyderabad till 1995. The following year, he was promoted as Joint Managing Director of M/s. Raasi Cement Ltd., a post that he held till April 1998. In December 1999, he took over as the Managing Director of M/s. Anjani Portland Cement Ltd., Hyderabad.

ChairmanSri Ravichandran Rajagopal, is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli, and a postgraduate in Management from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. He started his professional career with the Swiss multinational company Novartis, India where he served in various capacities including Business Development, New Product and Application development, and Vendor Development.

SecretarySri Aditya Vissam is the Secretary of the Sri Vishnu Educational Society, and is the youngest member of the management team. He graduated as an Industrial Engineer from the Penn State University, USA and did his Management studies, an MBA from Imperial College, London. Aditya comes with rich experience in companies both in US and UK. He worked in Office Depot, Minneapolis and post his MBA he did a stint as Operations Manager at Amazon, London. Aditya comes with deep insights into quality education in the areas of future skills required to be embedded in the courses offered by our autonomous colleges across Sri Vishnu institutions, and industry relevant knowledge to drive disruptions in higher education. He is in close coordination with the Vishnu Educational Development and Innovation Centre (VEDIC) at Hyderabad, a campus dedicated to innovations in teaching pedagogy, learning styles and continuous assessment methods for active learning of students.

SecretaryKalidindi Sai Sumant is serving as Executive Director at Anjani Tiles Limited. He holds a Bachlor’s Degree in Materials Science and Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from The University of California, Irvine. Previously, he worked as R&D Engineer II at Glidewell Dental, USA. As part of the Research and Development team, he was involved in the synthesis, characterization, and manufacturing of dental ceramics. He is also listed as an inventor in one USA Patent.

DirectorDr. D. Suryanarayana, Director is an expert and outspoken interpreter with research activities, great administrative qualities and an eminent Professor of Computer Science and Engineering. He has 30 years of experience in academics and administration achieving high results for the organization. He is a master in management, planning, coordination, and budgeting. He took the charge of implementing the strategies, regulations, and systems to guarantee that all understudies are regulated in a safe conventional indiscriminate learning environment that meets the endorsed curricula and mission of the foundation. He develops an environment that encourages open communication with colleagues, students and community.

PrincipalDr. M Venu, Principal, has over 26 years of experience in the Academics. He has a Ph.D. in Copper Matrix Nano Composite Coatings from IIT Kharagpur. His main forte is conceptualizing new initiatives in teaching-learning, assessment processes and plan implementation. He is keen on improving quality in education, industry-academic tie-ups and corporate relations.

Padma Bhushan Dr. B V Raju

The Founder Chairman of Sri Vishnu Educational Society

Throughout his life, both as an industrialist and an educationist, Late Padma Bhushan Dr. B.V. Raju continued to devote himself to the service of the people. He always kept his doors open to the poor and needy and participated actively in welfare programmes for improving the socio-economic conditions of society. His services for the welfare of the people are innumerable and invaluable.

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Why Choose Vishnu

At VISHNU, you'll enjoy a learning environment where you can grow, explore and discover
all that you are capable of achieving.

Centre for Employability Enhancement

  • English Language Proficiency
  • Soft Skills
  • Aptitude
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • In-house and External Training
  • Workshops and Extracurricular Schemes

Today's knowledge based economy is defined by exponential growth of information and the emergence of new skills making the workplace highly demanding. A workforce that has technical proficiency, soft skills and good communication skills is the need of the hour. Rising to the occasion our Chairman Shri K.V. Vishnu Raju, established the Centre for Employability Enhancement at the campuses both at Hyderabad and Bhimavaram. The Centre for Employability Enhancement is committed to enhancing the employability of our students. It has developed its own framework of employability skills embedded into the academic schedule. Students will be trained in the key skills that help them to secure employment and enable them to make the transition from college to the workplace smoothly.

Virtusa-Pega-University Connect Program

  • Student Level Certification
  • Live Projects
  • Direct Employment opportunities
  • Faculty Certifications
  • Technology Conferences
  • External & In-House Training Programs
  • Workshops & Extracurricular Schemes

Virtusa Corporation, Platinum Partner with Pegasystems, announces the Head Start Program for engineering colleges to improve the readiness of students in BPM Technology with the aegis of Pegasystems before entering into Corporate.Vishnu Institute of Technology is one of the five Premier Institutions in the world which is awarded with Virtusa - "Center of Excellence" & is the first college which inaugurated the center of excellence.

The center of excellence was inaugurated by Sri R Sowmya Narayan, Vice-President (Pega Practice), Virtusa Corporation. It is one of the best starts for any career in IT industry because the demand for PEGA expert is going to be very high throughout the next decade. Students may also get the onsite job opportunities much earlier than others working in usual domains.

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Assistive Technology Solutions in Minutes -India

  • Designing Projects by the Students
  • Rich, Authentic Learning
  • Experience Engineering Design Process
  • Apply their Academic Skills
  • Brainstorm and Analyze Alternative Design Solutions
  • Analyze the Cost of Various Design Alternatives
  • Real Service Learning

At ATL, we take pride in listening to people, being vigilant to the needs of the differently abled and seek innovative solutions at affordable cost

We really believe in Make In India mission. Products developed abroad are expensive solutions that can not become mainstream. We envision smart products for the disabled persons that are locally researched, developed, designed and manufactured, made available at significantly lower costs. We make available our products at very low cost and also distribute them freely on special days and events.

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Mission R&D

  • Start Building Modules as a Team
  • Prepares Students much better for getting Jobs
  • Solid Product Development Skills
  • Students to realize their full Potential
  • Help you create new things
  • Gain Experience from Industry Leaders
  • R&D Jobs from MNCs' & Innovative Startups

The underlying philosophy of Mission R&D is to provide hands on experience & to help students work together & start building modules as a team. Students will gain experience from industry leaders. The course prepares students much better for getting jobs in top companies. Mission R&D offers an 8 week course and upon completion, expects students to have solid product development skills.

The students who have undergone Mission R&D training are placed in various product companies like Microsoft, Sethu Software Systems Pvt. Ltd., Cisco, Paypal etc., with packages ranging from 5.5 LPA to 16.2 lakhs.

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Innovation Next

  • Global Innovation Thought Leader & Strategic Futurist
  • Innovation and Creative Leadership coach to Fortune 500 companies
  • Smart Innovation Virtual Labs
  • Assessment framework for future readiness
  • Help you create new things
  • Gain Experience from Industry Leaders
  • Next generation Centre of Creative Leadership and Innovation

In the present conceptual age, the growth starved organizations are looking for creative and innovative talent over and above the conventional traditional qualifications. Innovation lab helps in developing creative mind-sets and leaders so that they students can convert challenges into opportunities, constraints into advantages, chaos into order and ideas into wealth. The students also master the art of generating breakthrough ideas and transform evolutionary ideas into revolutionary innovations. The additional skills of creative leadership and innovation training acquired by the students helps in attracting the most innovative organizations and MNCs to the university for picking up the innovative talent creative students with new ideas.

Our Innovation labs are based on the concept of 'Intelligence having fun'. The tools provided are based on gamification of ideation. The students love the WOW experience of the innovation labs and are inspired to create new products and services. Innovation lab is the new playground to create new breakthroughs. Our innovation labs provide the enriching experience to the Student and provides them the opportunity to break away from the monotony to create novel ideas. Our innovation labs are the best enablers of start-up culture.

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  • Introduction to the concepts of smart data representations
  • Understanding limitations and advantages of state-of-the-art techniques
  • Implementation of techniques in research prototypes
  • Experiments to prove the effective quality
  • Running the experiments on real and synthetic datasets
  • Writing and submitting a scientific publication
  • Presentation of scientific results during seminar and potentially at international conferences

A completely industry relevant Big Data Analytics training and a great blend of analytics and technology, making it quite apt for aspirants who want to develop Big Data Analytics skills and head-start in Big Data!

Smart representations (such as embeddings, graphical models, discretizations) are useful models that allow the abstraction of data within a well-defined mathematical formalism. The representations we aim at are conceptual abstractions of real world phenomena (such as sensor reading, causal dependencies, social interactions) into the world of statistics and discrete mathematics in such a way that the powerful tools developed in those areas are available for complex analyses in a simple and elegant manner.

The main focus in each of these three areas will be the understanding and comparison of smart representations and their explicit/implicit data transformation methods. By transforming the data we will study limitations or advantages of each technique and how the data representation changes the problem setup, reduces complexity, introduces robustness, or other valuable properties for big data analytics.

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Vehicle Technology Lab

  • Fabricate environmental friendly vehicles
  • Access to the technology and tools
  • Practical exposure about the concepts
  • Experiments to prove the effective quality
  • Disassembling & Assembling of different automobile engines
  • Participate in various competitions
  • Provide hands-on experience to our students

The Lab will be critical in preparing students to fabricate environmental friendly vehicles for the rapidly evolving automotive sector by giving them access to the technology and tools that are driving that change. The cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking facilities in this new lab reflect pre-emptive approach to applied education, which ensures our graduates are ready for the workplaces.

The Vehicle Technology Laboratory is a centre of excellence in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. We provide engine working models and cut models to give practical exposure about the concepts of automobile systems like transmission, suspension, power- train, steering, and chassis design etc. Students also learn the Disassembling & Assembling of different automobile engines and study each part of the engine. Through this lab students will develop a deeper understanding about the automobiles and the skills required to work in the automobile industries.

The students are also trained to design and fabricate go-kart vehicles and environmental friendly bikes to participate in various competitions. The vision of establishing this lab is to provide hands-on experience to our students.

Advanced CAD CAM

  • Provides instructional and research facility.
  • Trained in EDGECAM, FLEXIM and SOLIDWORKS etc.
  • Operates computer numerical controlled (CNC) machines
  • Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS)
  • ARISTO 6 AXIS ROBOT along with Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) system

The Advanced CAD/CAM Lab is a combined instructional and research facility. The lab includes computers with CAD/CAM software, as well as rapid prototyping equipment.

Students are trained to use the licensed Mechanical Engineering softwares like EDGECAM, FLEXIM and SOLIDWORKS etc. Apart from the modelling and simulation softwares, students are able to operate computer numerical controlled (CNC) machines which include CNC Lathe & Milling machines. Student will also get the brief idea about the Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) which is widely used in manufacturing industries for material handling purpose, with the use of ARISTO 6 AXIS ROBOT along with Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) system.

Vishnu Educational Development and Innovation Centre

  • Advanced Research Training
  • Inculcate the participants attitude towards higher education research
  • Describe the guidelines for undergraduate research practices
  • Career Aspirations for Young Genius
  • Use cognitive theories for learning courses?
  • Identify the purpose of existence and life values.

VEDIC is an interactive training designed to encourage, support, improving participants research aptitude, to assist and provide important information to advanced research. ART concentrate on tools for organizing, managing, publishing, and presenting your research. This is an opportunity for both shaping and advancing higher research education.

At VEDIC Think-Technology-Transform is the concept to create an Evidence Based Learning system including course plan using the TPACK framework model. This model emphasizes on Technology, Pedagogy and Content Knowledge (TPACK) to be integrated as a part of teacher's professional knowledge. It provides hands-on-training on technology tools in 3 levels. The objective is to accelerate self learning among students through technology and evidence-based learning.

Latest Research Activities

EAI IC4S 2023

4th EAI International Conference on Cognitive Computing and Cyber Physical Systems

SVES Institutions 92 49
International Universities 07 04
CFIs/NIRF Ranked/State Government Institutes/Industry 26 22
Other Institutes 40 05

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April 2024 Publications

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Awards & Achievements


Training & Placements

Jobs abound and so do opportunities. Those who are better equipped will stand a better chance of employment.

To make the students Industry Ready, the Training and Placement (T&P) Cell:

Arranges in-plant industrial training for students during their summer and intra semester break.
Encourages students to become entrepreneurs, through Entrepreneurship Development Programmes.
Arranges guest lectures by eminent personalities.
Promotes career guidance & counseling through lectures by senior corporate executives and visiting professors.
Provides training for the students to face competitive exams like GATE, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL and prepares them for the interviews.