Counselling Code : V I T B  
Accredited by NAAC 'A+'(3.51 CGPA) & NBA


Ragging in any form is banned inside and outside the campus. Strict action is taken against persons flouting this rule; no leniency is shown. Suspension and/or withdrawal from the hostel/ college is the first action against the offender.

Definition of student ragging

Any conduct by a student, whether by words spoken or written or by an act which includes physical abuse, lewd acts, teasing, rough or rude treatment, indulging in rowdy, undisciplined and obscene activities which causes or is likely to cause annoyance, undue hardship, physical or psychological harm or mental trauma or raise apprehension or fear in a fresher / junior student or other students or forcing a student to do any act which such a student is not willing to do and which has the effect of causing or generating a sense of shame or embarrassment or danger to a student's life or adversely affect the physique or psyche of a fresher or a junior student.

Punishable acts of ragging
  • Abetment / instigation to ragging / criminal conspiracy to rag.
  • Unlawful assembly and rioting while ragging.
  • Public nuisance created during ragging, or violation of decency and morals.
  • Injury to body, causing hurt / mental trauma.
  • Wrongful restraint, confinement.
  • Use of criminal force / assault / sexual offences / unnatural offences.
  • Extortion / criminal trespassing or intimidation / offences against property.
  • Attempt to commit any or all of the above mentioned offences against the victim.
  • Physical or psychological humiliation.
  • Any act / abuse by spoken words, e-mails, snail mails, blogs, public insults etc.
  • Any act that prevents, disrupts or disturbs the regular academic activity of a student.


To establish an effective Anti Ragging System in line with the directives of JUTU-K and AICTE, Vishnu Institute of Technology has taken the following measures:

  • 1. An anti ragging committee comprising the Principal, HODs, Wardens and Student Representatives has been constituted.
  • 2. An Anti Ragging Squad was also constituted with the members on vigil throughout the day from well before the college started upto late in the evening. In the first three months surprise visits by the members took place to check any untoward incidents.
  • 3. Notices explaining the anti ragging measures were displayed on all the notice boards in all the departments of the college as well as hostels. Postures discouraging ragging have also been displayed at all strategic points.
  • 4. Notifications have been released clearly mentioning that ragging is banned in the college.
  • 5. The Prospectus contained information about the directives of the AICTE about the prohibition and consequences of ragging.
  • 6. On admission every student was given printed information about to whom he has to turn for guidance for various purposes including warden, HODs and members of anti ragging committees along with their phone numbers.
  • 7. Undertakings by students have been taken saying that they are aware of the laws of ragging.
  • 8. As part of the orientation a counselling session was organized for the fresher's and their parents. In his address the Principal explained to them the measures of anti ragging taken by VIT as per the recommendations of the JNTU and AICTE.
  • 9. A gap of two months was maintained between the class work of the fresher's and the seniors.
  • 10. The class work timings of the seniors and the juniors have been staggered so that the fresher's and the seniors did not meet.
The Principal, HODs and senior faculty addressed the seniors explaining to them the menace of ragging and the severity of the situation, the directives of the Supreme Court, the AICTE and JNTU and punishment that will be meted to them in case found to be guilty of ragging. They also informed them that the burden of proof lies with the accused and not with the victim.

Monitoring Cell on Ragging is comprised of the following members:
Name of the Committee Member Profession Mobile Number E-Mail address Fax No.
Prof.K.Srinivas Professor 9949837799 8816250344
Mr.R.Srinivasa Raju Assoc.Professor 9963714270 8816250344
Mrs.M.Sri Lakshmi Assoc.Professor 9490050130 8816250344
Mr. V.RamaRaju Assoc.Professor 9849922422 8816250344
Mr.Y.Srinivas Assoc.Pofessor 9441102980 8816250344
Mr.N.Krishna Mohan Raju Asst.Professor 9963714270 8816250344
Dr.V.Rama Devi Professor 9440218717 8816250344

  • College Office : 08816 251333
  • Prof. K.Srinivas : 99498 37799
  • Dr. D J Nagendra Kumar : 99599 06809
  • Mrs. M.SriLakshmi : 94900 50130