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Industrial visit to CSIR-structural Engineering Research Centre & IITM Research Park

We are happy to share that our Civil Engineering Students Visited the CSIR-structural Engineering Research Centre & IITM Research Park on 26/09/23 & 27/09/23 at Chennai.22 students from III rd Civil Engineering accompanied by 3 Staff members Dr. K. Vijay-Associate Professor, Mr. P. Rohit-Assistant Professor, Ms. M. Devika-Assistant professor.

The Industrial Visit was a great success, providing our students with valuable insights for those who are Aspiring for their careers in Research and Startups.

Program outcomes:

Exposure to Cutting-Edge Research: CSIR SERC is renowned for its research in structural engineering and related fields. Our students are exposed to the latest advancements and research projects in the field, providing insights into ongoing research by scientists in SERC.

Practical Application: CSIR SERC often conducts experiments and tests related to structural engineering. Students have witnessed these experiments firsthand, gaining practical knowledge that complements their academic learning.

Motivation and Enthusiasm: Witnessing the work being done at CSIR SERC can motivate and inspire students to excel in their studies and pursue excellence in their civil engineering careers.

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