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FDP on "Potential research trends in advanced energy conversion technologies & applications"

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of Vishnu Institute of Technology in collaboration with Centre for Continuing Education, NIT Warangal has Organized 5 Day Online Faculty Development Program on "Potential research trends in advanced energy conversion technologies and applications" from 6th December 2021 to 10th December 2021.

The program was inaugurated in the presence of Prof. N. V. Ramana Rao (Director - NIT Warangal), Dr. D. Suryanarayana (Principal& Director - Vishnu Institute of Technology Bhimavaram), Prof. M. Sailaja Kumari (Head-Electrical Engineering Department - NIT Warangal) and Dr. R. V. D. Rama Rao (Head - Electrical and Electronics Engineering - Vishnu Institute of Technology Bhimavaram). The speakers and experts were invited from the Central Institutes and Industries. The proposed FDP creates a virtual platform to explore the knowledge in the area of electric vehicles, renewable energy sources and advanced power electronic converters etc. A total of 50 participants were enrolled from different regions of the country. The organizing team includes Dr. B. L. Narasimharaju (NIT Warangal),Dr. I. Kasireddy (VIT Bhimavaram) and Dr. S. Pragaspathy (VIT Bhimavaram).

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