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Students WON 1st Prize in Innovation Expo at IIT Bhubaneswar E-SUMMIT-21

Mr. KesireddyBharghav, IV EEE and Mr. Sai TejaGrandhi, IV ECE has WON I PRIZE in Innovation Expo for their Rescue Drone project in E-Summit'21 held at IIT Bhubaneswar during 26th -29th March 2021 online.

E-Summit is a three day event, started as an initiative of the Entrepreneurship Cell of IIT Bhubaneswar with the theme Reign of Resilience. Our students has participated in Innovation Expo which is an event that focuses on boosting innovative entrepreneurship and allows participants to showcase their project/idea. Our students competed in 2 rounds. In Round-1, our team has submitted a graphical abstract of the innovation and qualified. Round-2 is held online with our graphical abstract and a Table-top plant to the judges in Round-2. Overall, 1.2K participants registered in this E-Summit-21 in various events from different institutes like IIT Delhi, IIT Bhubaneswar, Symbiosis- Noida, GHRCE Nagapur and etc.

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