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Virtual Inauguration of I B.Tech classwork

The Virtual Inauguration of I B Tech Classwork took place on 11-01-2021 at Vishnu Institute of Technology. Director and Principal Dr. D. Suryanarayana delivered the welcome address and motivated the students to keep themselves engrossed in a pursuit of human excellence through a proactive engagement in engineering innovation across the world. Vice Chairman Sri R. Ravichandran urged the students to pursue their engineering program diligently with an acute focus on diversifying their skill set through an interaction with academia and intelligentsia and utilize the opportunities and services offered in the campus. In his Presidential address Chairman Sri K.V. Vishnu Raju congratulated the students for securing an admission in Vishnu Institute of Technology. Starting on a positive note he expressed his optimism by citing that there is no dearth of opportunities in the industry and therefore students should acquire a strong foundation in the requisite skills. Moreover, he emphasized the importance of mastering at least one or two programming languages irrespective of their specialization. He further added that effective communication skills play a vital role in scripting one’s way to success. Sri K. Aditya Vissam, Secretary, S.V.E.S., exhorted the students to acquire good technical knowledge and skills and also develop a holistic personality. He called for a judicious utilization of time which plays a significant role in scripting their way to success. The senior students and alumni shared their experiences at Vishnu Institute of Technology on how they could mould themselves fruitfully in the academic ambience present in the institution.

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