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Industrial Visit to 220KV Undi Substation

The main objective of this visit was to make our students familiar with the operation and functions of various substation equipments. The team of Engineer received us at the entrance and showed their premises by giving a brief introduction about the substation. We were divided into two groups of students each group was led by TRANSCO officials. We saw different parts of the substation like lightning arrester, Transformer, Isolator, Circuit Breaker etc. Students had a great interactive session of their doubts with working engineers during the visit. The visit came to end by a interactive session conducted by Transco members Mr.G.Srininvasarao, A.E.and Mr.P.Srinivasarao, A.E for solving the doubts raised by the students.

Outcome of the Event

All students reached 220KV Undi Substation by 10.30 AM on 25/02/2020 along with faculty coordinators. The students were guided to the basic knowledge of high voltage transmission substations and its difference from other transmission and distribution substations. They also bestowed students with details of transmission and distribution real time data of TRANSCO. All students were divided into small batches of 25. Training supervisor from 220KV Undi Substation Substation accompanied students group and showed them control room and Switchyard.

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