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National Library Week Celebrations @ Library

Ayyanki Venkata Ramanaiah, Secretary, Andhra Pradesh Library Association organised an All India Library Meeting on 12 November, 1912 in Madras. This meeting lead to the formation of Indian Library Association (ILA). Later, ILA gave prominence to the 12 November meeting and declared 14 November as National Library Day. This was also the Birthday of our former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Since 1968, 14th-20th November is celebrated as National Library Week all over India. In keeping the tradition and in honour the National Library Week, Our Vishnu Institute of Technology Library celebrated the National Library Week. Various literary events were conducted in connected with celebrations. Closing ceremony was held by distributing the certificates and gifts for the winners of all the events conducted in between 14 to 19 November, 2016. This Ceremony was started at 3.00 pm in the presence of Professor K. Srinivas, Vice Principal of Vishnu Institute of Technology followed by Dr. Y.M.V. Naga Raja Rao, Librarian delivered the importance of the National Library Week and gave a detailed report about the events. All the Staff and the Students of VIT attended the Ceremony.

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