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Accredited by NAAC 'A+'(3.51 CGPA) & NBA


Associate Professor

Current Position:
Dean, NI 

Associate Professor,
Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Ph.D.   from    KL University, Vijayawada
M.Tech   from    JNTUK Kakinada
B.Tech   from    JNTUH Hyderabad

Research Interest :
1.  Low power VLSI
2.  Analog IC Design

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Professional Achievements

Design and Analysis of Heterojunction Tunneling Transistor (HETT) based Standard 6T SRAM Cell

International Journal of Engineering & Technology (UAE)
Title: Volume No. 7, Special Issue No.3.29, pp no. 8-11, August 2018
International Journal

Low voltage high speed 8T SRAM cell for ultra-low power applications

International Journal of Engineering & Technology (UAE)
Title: Volume No. 7, Special Issue No.3.29, pp no. 70-74, August 2018
International Journal

Analysis of Heterojunction Tunneling Architectures for Ultra-Low Power Applications

PONTE International Journal of Sciences and Research
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International Journal

Efficient Adaptive Hold Logic Aging-Aware Reliable Multiplier Design using Verilog HDL

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International Journal

Design analysis of GOS-HEFET on lower Subthreshold Swing SOI

Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing
Title: 109(3), 2021, pp. 683–694
International Journal

A Study of an Ultrasensitive Label Free Silicon Nanowire FET Biosensor for Cardiac Troponin I Detection

Title: 2021
National Journal

A Novel Teeth Junction Less Gate All Around FET for Improving Electrical Characteristics

Title: 2021
International Journal

Device and Circuit Level Design, Characterization and Implementation of Low Power 7T SRAM Cell using Heterojunction Tunneling Transistors with Oxide Overlap

Microprocessors and Microsystems
Title: 77, 2020, 103164
International Journal

Gate oxide overlapped heterojunction tunneling transistor based low power SRAM cell topologies

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International Journal

Design, implementation and power analysis of low voltage heterojunction tunnel field effect transistor based basic 6T SRAM cell

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Strategic development of low power high speed SRAM array design

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Circuit level low power design, implementation and performance evaluation of different SRAM bit cell configurations operating at ultra-low voltage

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Simulation of Quadrature amplitude modulation system using VHDL

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FPGA Implementation of Space time Block Codes for Wi-MAX Applications

National Conference on Signal Processing & embedded Systems Applications (COSMOS 2011)

Recent Trends in VLSI Design and its Applications

One week faculty development programme conducted by NIT, Warangal at S R K R Engineering College, Bhimavaram

Signals and Systems

Two week ISTE workshop conducted by IIT, Kharagpur at Regency Institute of Technology, Yanam

Location Tracking and Warning System of a Ship using Arduino

Proceedings - 5th International Conference on Computing Methodologies and Communication, ICCMC 2021

Lower subthreshold swing and improved miller capacitance heterojunction tunneling transistor with overlapping gate

Materials Today: Proceedings