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Professor & Head, Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Ph.D.   from    NUS Singapore,
M.Tech   from    0
B.Tech, EEE   from    IIT Delhi

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Professional Achievements

An Analysis of Exploring Information from Search Engines in Semantic Manner

Title: 4/may 2014
International Journal

Cognitive Analytic Task based on Search Query Logs for Semantic Identification

Title: No.9 Issue No. :21 (2016)
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Compression of 3D Dynamic Geometry Data using Iterative Closest Point Algorithm

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Least Committed Splines in 3D Modelling of Free Form Objects from Intensity Images

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Partitioning and Registration based Streaming of 3D Dynamic Geometry

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A Fully Automatic Question-Answering System for Intelligent Search in E-Learning Documents

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Automatic Content Based Retrieval and Semantic Classification of Video Content

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An efficient algorithm to detect palindromes in DNA sequences using periodicity transform

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A Unified Approach for Digital Image Inpainting Using Bounded Search Space,

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Content-based Adaptive Compression of Educational Videos using Phase Correlation Techniques

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A query answering system for E-learning Hindi documents

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Object oriented image analysis for feature extraction from multispectral imagery

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Finite State Automata based characterization of news segments

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A robust framework for automated digital video inpainting

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BioQAMultidocument Question Answering System: Enabling e-learning for masses

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Distribution system insulator monitoring using video surveillance and support vector machines for complex background images

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Skin based Occlusion Detection and Face Recognition using Machine Learning Techniques

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Position Detection with Face Recognition using Image Processing and Machine Learning Techniques

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Intelligent Adaptive Feedback Assessment System in Learning Environment

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Power System Insulator Condition Monitoring Automation Using Mean Shift Tracker-FIS Combined Approach

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Palazzo Matrix Method: An Approach to Simulate Efficient Semantic Results in Search Engines-Returning Relevant and Predictable Documents,

In Proceedings IEEE ICECCT 2015

Semantic Representation of Natural Language Query Using Combinatory Categorical Grammar and Lambda Calculus

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Stepping Towards a Semantic Web Search Engine for Accurate Outcomes in Favor of User Queries- Using RDF and ontology technologies

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, In proceedings 4thInternational Conference on Advanced Computing, Networking, and Informatics (ICACNI – 2016), SPRINGER

Knowledge Representation of Natural Language in High Performance Linguistics Scheme


Natural Language Query to Formal Syntax for Querying Semantic Web Documents

ICACIE2016,Progress in Advanced Computing and Intelligent Engineering. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing