Counselling Code : V I T B  
Accredited by NAAC 'A+'(3.51 CGPA) & NBA


Vice-Principal & Head

Current Position:

Vice-Principal & Head, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

M.Tech   from    JNTU, Hyderabad
B.Tech   from    JNTUH CAMPUS

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Professional Achievements

"Dual Digit Signature Using Stationary Wavelet Transform-Singular Value Decomposition"

Global Journal Of Engineering Science And Researches
Title: 2018
International Journal

International Journal of Computer Applications

A New Weighted Average Filter for Removing Camera Shake
Title: 2016
International Journal

Implementation of Kogge Stone Prefix Adder for Better Delay Performance

International Conference on Innovations in Electronics and Communication Engineering
Title: 2014
International Journal

Analysing Planer Dipole antenna with different Arm width operating at 1GHz

International Journal of Engineering and Innovative Technology
Title: 2013
International Journal

Unit Cell of EBG Analysis in Inside the Wave Guide of E-Plane Horn Antenna

International Journal of Emerging Trends & Technology in Computer Science
Title: 2013
International Journal

Implementation of Embedded automobile Black Box using PIC Microcontroller

Coimbatore institute of information technology (CIIT)
Title: 2012
International Journal

Removal Of Low-DENSITY Impulse Noise From Grayscale Images Using New Modified Hybrid MedianFilTerWith Various Sliding Window Sizes

 IEEE Xplore Digital Library

image Denoising Using DWT and SWT Based On Thresholding

International Conference on Contemporary Engineering and technology(ICCET 2017)

Multiband Antenna For WLAN Applications

National Conference on Innovations in Communication and Computing

E-JACKET for Visually Challenged People

International Conference on Biomedical Engineering & Assistive Technology