Counselling Code : V I T B  
 Counselling Code : VITB  

Advanced CAD Lab

In this Lab, students are trained to use the licensed Mechanical Engineering softwares like EDGECAM, FLEXIM and SOLIDWORKS etc. Apart from the modelling and simulation softwares, students are able to operate computer numerical controlled (CNC) machines which include CNC Lathe & Milling machines. Student will also get the brief idea about the Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) which is widely used in manufacturing industries for material handling purpose, with the use of ARISTO 6 AXIS ROBOT along with Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) system.


Heat Transfer Lab

Heat Transfer Lab: Heat Transfer laboratory provides the practical exposure to the students with regard to the determination of amount of heat exchange in various modes of heat transfer including condensation & boiling for several geometries. In this lab, student will be able to evaluate the amount of heat exchange for plane, cylindrical & spherical geometries and also compare the performance of extended surfaces and heat exchangers.
Major Equipments: 1. Pin-Fin Apparatus, 2. Emissivity Apparatus, 3.Thermal conductivity of the insulating material, 4.Heat Transfer through Natural and Forced Convection, 5.Heat Transfer through lagged pipe, 6.Critical Heat Flux Apparatus, 7. Drop and Film wise condensation apparatus, 8.Parallel and Counter Flow Heat Exchanger, 9.Transient Heat Conduction apparatus, 10.Composite Wall Apparatus.


Metrology lab

This lab gives the clear idea to enhance measurement accuracy and uncertainty. These laboratories to collect and analyze measurement data, evaluate measurement methodologies, and learn the capabilities and limitations of measurement technologies.
Major Instruments: 1. Verneir calipers 2. Micro meter 3. Internal Micro meter 4. Dial bore indicator 5. Gear tooth verneir caliper 6. Verneir Bevel protractor 7. Sine bars 8. Tool makers' microscope 9. Machine tool alignment test on the lathe 10. Machine tool alignment test on milling machine


Instrumentation lab

This lab gives the clear idea to the measurement of primary variables (length, volume, acceleration, mass, time, temperature, pressure, stress, etc.).This laboratory is equipped with a series of simple, but effective and well-directed, experiments that illustrate the use and application of basic instrumentation for measurement and analysis of mechanical systems like Calibration of pressure gauges, Strain Gauges etc.
Major Instruments: 1. Pressure gauges 2. Transducer for temperature measurement 3. Strain Gauges 4. Thermo couple 5. Rotometer 6. LVDT Transducer.


CAD lab

In this lab the students are trained to use computer for drafting, modeling and analysis of a product, these facilities are provided for making real time projects. This lab equipped with 72 systems and operating on 11KVA UPS. Software: Auto CAD


Theory of Machinery Lab

This lab describes the concepts of machines, mechanisms and related terminologies.
This lab is used-
- To perform kinematic analysis on a given mechanism.
- To Recognizing machine properties like friction, gyroscope and their effects in mechanical components.
- To analyze various motion transmission elements like gears, gear trains, cams, belt drive and rope drive.
- Utilize analytical, mathematical and graphical aspects of kinematics of machines for effective design.


Mechatronics Lab

The purpose of this lab is to provide basic knowledge on Mechatronics to students. Here Students will learn to integrate Electronic system to Mechanical systems practically. Using equipment in this lab, students can measure displacement, velocity, angular velocity and strain using transducers. Also, students will learn the process of controlling few mechanical systems using microcontrollers and ladder programming.
Major Equipments: 1. DYNA Transducer kit with LVDT and Strain Gauge. 2. Model Elevator controller. 3. Water level controller.


Project Laboratory

The Department has established a separate Project laboratory is provided for the students to do their project works and other related activities where the systems are equipped with 3D Experience, AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS, ANSYS, FlexSim and EDGECAM software's.


Vehicle Technology Lab

The Vehicle Technology Laboratory is a centre of excellence in Mechanical Engineering. We provided engine working models and cut models to give practical exposure about automobiles to our students. The students will be trained to design and fabricate go-kart vehicles and environmental friendly bikes to participate in various competitions. The vision of establishing this lab is to provide hands-on experience to our students.


Production Technology Lab

Production technology lab gives basic idea about fabrication processes in different mechanical industries like welding, blanking, piercing, injection moulding, blow moulding, etc., to get the finished objects. And preparation of mould and casting in foundry.
Major Equipment: Injection Moulding Machine, Blow Moulding Machine, Spot Welding Machine, Arc Welding Machine, etc.


Metallurgy Lab

In this lab, students will get the idea on different metal structures for different materials, Heat treatment processes, etc., and they will be trained on microscopes.
Major Equipment: Metallurgical Microscopes, Jominy Quench Test Instrument, Single disc polisher, etc.


Strength of Materials Lab

This lab gives the clear idea to know about the material strength, toughness, stiffness, of Compression and Tension for various materials, Shear Strength, Hardness of Mild Steel, Copper, Impact strength, which is used to draw the stress stain diagram for different materials etc.
Major Equipment: Electronic universal testing machine 100 ton, Impact testing machine, Torsion testing machine, Spring testing machine, Hardness Testing Machine, etc.


Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machines Lab

In this lab, students will get the idea on how to develop power from water avialable at high heads and low heads. This lab is to give perfect idea about hydraulic losses and it is used to find discharge in open channels and closed channels.
Major Equipment: Venturimeter, Orificemeter, Centrifugal Pump, Reciprocating Pump, pipe friction, Pelton Wheel, Kaplan Turbine, Francis Turbine.


Machine Tools Lab

In this lab student will get clear idea about different manufacturing process like surface finish, boring , remove material from work pieces, slotting etc;
Major Equipment: Lathes, Milling machine, Surface Grinding machine, Vertical Drilling Machine, Slotting Machine, Shaping machine, etc.


Engineering Workshop Lab

This lab gives clear idea about different types of tools Used in Mechanical Industries, Preparing the different types of joints in Fitting and Carpentry, connecting different types of electric Circuits used for domestic purpose in House wiring.
Major Trades: 1. Fitting 2. Carpentry 3. Tin Smithy 4. Foundry 5. House wiring.


Thermal Engineering lab

The objective of this lab is to provide hands-on experience in operating various types of internal combustion engines, boilers and understand their functioning and evaluating their performance. In this lab, the experiments are performed to measure performance parameters of the systems such as Brake power, Efficiency, Torque, Fuel Consumption, etc.Thermal Engineering laboratory is equipped with test facilities for doing research work within internal combustion engines.
Major Equipments: 1. Data Acquisition System for four stroke diesel engine, 2. Exhaust gas analyser, 3. Two stroke & Four stroke petrol engine, 4. Four stroke diesel engine, 5. Cut section model of boilers and engines, 6. Air Compressor, 7. Morse test rig, 8. Fuels testing related equipment, 9. Variable Compression ratio Testing rig.