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A One Week Workshop on "Total Station" is organized by Civil Engineering

A One Week Workshop on 'Total Station' is organized by the Department of Civil Engineering, Vishnu Institute of Technology, Bhimavaram from 28th March to 2nd April, 2022 in collaboration with "UNIQUE SURVEY SOLUTIONS".

This workshop provided the opportunity to the students to use the Total Station for Surveying Solutions. The students were given inputs on uses of Total Station or TST (Total Station Theodolite) which is an electronic/optical instrument used in modern surveying and building construction. This eliminates the need for an assistant staff member as the operator holds the reflector and controls the total station from the observed point. The students had enhanced their knowledge in calculations of linear dimensions, area, column markings etc. on site. Apart from this, the students were also introduced with AutoCAD applications associated with Total Station. The main objective of this workshop is to introduce Total Station and its operation to the students and enhance their employment readiness.

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