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Increasing the bearing strength of sub-base layer by using Plastic Cells -Civil Engineering

Project Supervisor Bandaru Mary Devika, Structural Engineering, Assistant Professor

Embankment failures aremost common type of failures in flexible pavements. The primary reason for this failure is improper compaction of material in the pavement layers.

In order to rectify this problem, we came up with an idea of strengthening the sub-base layer by using plastic bottles that are sliced on both sides. These cylindrical sections are now connected with multiple sections to emulate Geocell structure. Holes are punched into these sections to facilitate water drainage. This structure is now placed in the sub base layer and filled up with the sub base materials. This procedure increases the stability of the embankment and thus increases the life span of the pavement.

This project was successfully carried out by Civil Engineering Students at Gollalakoderu area. Increasing the pavement's life span and reuse of plastic waste are the primary intentions of the project.

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