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successfully launches and lands starship (Vishnu AtomShip) prototype rocket

Final year students (Mr. M. VenkataRamana, Mr. P. ManideepSai, Mr.S.Praveen Kumar, Mr.V.BalaBhavani Shankar, Mr.M.VenkataKiran, Mr.P..Suresh Kumar, Mr M.PrudhvirajNaik&Mr.T.Mohit) of Mechanical Engineering Department, developed a prototype model of automatic landing of a star ship (Vishnu AtomShip) by using advanced and sophisticated softwares under the guidance of Dr. I. Ramu, Professor of MechEngg.

On 27th August 2021, we conducted a test launch of Vishnu AtomShip at Society's - Science, Technology & Innovation Hub, Yanamadurru. The main objective of this project was to Design and develop automatic landing of a star ship. Proximal Policy Optimization (PPO) algorithm was used to control the flight. The key features of Vishnu AtomShip are

  • Altitude range: 600 to 800 m
  • Motor class on Superheavy: J class dual clustered motors
  • Motor class on Starship: I class TVC enabled motor
  • Parachute ejection for Superheavy stage
  • Magnetic suspension enabled landing legs for Starship
  • Onboard dual flight computers in Starship for controlled descent and landing maneuver

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