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Events / Achievements


The Department of Basic Science of Vishnu Institute of Technology organized a one week Online Faculty Development Programme on the "Applications of Mathematics in Science and Engineering" from 7 to 11 July 2020. Resource persons and participants from India and abroad participated in the program.


  • Dr. Devendra Kumar, Assistant Professor, Information Technology Department, Shinas College of Technology, Shinas, Sultanate of Oman Topic: Mathematical Approach in Biology, Industry and current scenario of COVID-19
  • Dr. Sachin Shaw,Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics & Statistical Sciences, Botswana International University of Science & Technology (BIUST) Topic: Mathematical Models on Magnetic Drug Targeting: a Non-invasive Treatment of Cardiovascular Disorders
  • Dr. V. Ravindranath,Professor, JNTUK, Kakinada Topic: Parametric Regression Models Using R Programming
  • Dr. G. RadhaKrishnamacharya, Professor, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design and Manufacturing (IIITDM), Kurnool Topic: Mathematical Modelling - Applications to Bio-Fluid Dynamics
  • Dr. Kameswaran Peri, Assistant Professor, Senior Grade, Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore Topic: A Study on Two Dimensional Nano Fluid Flow Problems

A total of 1413 participants from within and beyond our country registered in this programme. The International participants were from Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, Ethiopia, Kuwait and Morocco whereas the National participants spanned across 25 states of India.

Day wise participation:

Day 1: 479
Day 2: 462
Day 3: 517
Day 4: 560
Day 5: 591

The videos streamed live on you tube continue to garner viewership crossing two to three thousand views.

On behalf of the Department of Basic Science, I would like to express my strong sense of gratitude to our Chairman Sri K. V. Vishnu Raju Sir for setting high standards of learning for us to emulate, Vice Chairman Sri Ravichandran Rajagopal Sir for facilitating the means to enrich our learning and our Director and Principal Dr. D. Suryanarayana for his guidance and encouragement. I wish to place on record the efforts of Dr. R. Suryanarayana, Professor of Mathematics, who was the brain behind this programme. Dr. R. L. N. Pradeep Kumar, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Mr. B. Tirumala Rao, Asst. Professor of Physics, Ms. M. Pushpalatha, Asst. Professor of Mathematics, Ms. K.G.R. Deepthi, Asst. Professor of Mathematics and Mr. G.V. Lakshmikanth, Asst. Professor of Physics deserve special mention for the smooth running of the sessions. I would also like to acknowledge the efforts of the faculty of Basic Science and the technical staff of VIT who contributed to the success of this programme.


Vishnu Institute of Technology celebrated the Constitution Day on 26 November 2018 to commemorate the adoption of the Constitution of India. On this occasion, the significance of the day was introduced and the preamble of the constitution was read by the students. Essay writing and Debate competitions were held.

Essay Writing:
I prize: 18PA1A1247 Ms. V. Preethi Reddy
II prize: 18PA1A05A1 Ms. M. Raghavi
III prize: 18PA1A0317 Mr. M. Rajesh

Best Team:
17PA5A0210 Mr. D. R. Pratap Charan
17PA5A0247 Mr. S.V. Nishanth
18PA1A0317 Ms. V. Sai Keerthana


Vishnu Institute of Technology celebrated the National Library Week from 14th to 20th November, 2018. On this occasion, various literary events like Oral Presentation (Mythological Character), Picture Interpretation, Group Debate, Fetch the Book, Coding Contest, GK Kahoot! Game Quiz and Library Quiz competitions are held.

Prize winners:

Oral Presentation (Mythological Character):

I Prize : S V Nishanth - 17PA1A03A4
II Prize : V Sruthi - 18PA1A05F1
III Prize :G Vignesh - 17PA1A03B6
Judges :P Sekhar & B Sita Kalyani (BS)

Picture Interpretation:

I Prize :S V Nishanth Kumar - 17PA1A03A4
II Prize :G Vighnesh - 17PA1A03B6
III Prize :V Sruthi - 18PA1A05F1
Judges :N Tulasi (BS) & E Surendra (MBA)

Group Debate:

I Prize :P Manideep Sai - 18PA5A0320
II Prize :T Bindu Latha - 18PA1A0419
III Prize :G Bhavya - 18PA1A0449
Judges :D Vijaya Lakshmi (BS), M Uma Somaraju (MBA) & M Dileep(ECE)

Fetch the Book:

I Prize :P Sai Praveen - 17PA1A0390
II Prize :M Venkat Kiran - 17PA1A0366
III Prize :T Jyothi - 18PA1A05F8
Judges :B Sita Kalyani (BS)

Library Quiz:

I Prize :Ch Srinivasa Reddy - 18PA1A0424 & V L Sowjanya - 18PA1A04G1
II Prize :B Chinmayi - 18PA1A1207 & M Raghavi - 18PA1A05A1
Judge :B Sita Kalyani (BS)

Coding Contest (2nd Years):

I Prize :K Ravi Teja - 17PA1A0571
II Prize :B Sadhvi - 17PA1A0512
III Prize :K Lakshmi Mani Deepika -17PA1A0583
Judges :M V Durga Rao (CSE)

Coding Contest (1st Year):

I Prize :G Sanjay - 18PA1A1211
II Prize :T Shalin - 18PA1A1242
III Prize :K Vicky Martin - 18PA1A0564
Judges :P S Surya Teja (CSE)

GK Kahoot! Game Quiz:

I Prize :A Lakshmana Rao -18PA1A0511
II Prize :G Siva Shankar - 17PA1A0537
III Prize :G Prasad Raju - 18PA1A0553
Judge :P C Viswanadh (BS)