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Department of Civil Engineering

Events / Achievements


Civil Engineering Department successfully conducted a week-long Autodesk Civil 3D Training Program from February 10th to February 15th, 2024, organized by Mr. V.V.S. Sarma, Assistant Professor and HOD, along with the organizing committee Mr. K.S. Sai Kumar and Mr. P. Rohith, Assistant Professors.

The program aimed to enhance the skills of IV and III B.Tech Students and Faculty in Civil Engineering. Led by resource persons Mr. N. Sai KrishnaCIVIL 3D Designer and Mr. B. Shekar,B.Shekar,Highway Designer , Visakhapatnam.Participants learned to design Highway road Corridors, Pressure Pipe Networks, perform Geospatial analysis, calculate Cutting and Filling volumes of earth, and understand Curves and Super Elevation of road profiles using Autodesk Civil 3D. Through hands-on learning experiences, including practical exercises on real-world civil engineering projects, participants developed proficiency in utilizing the software's functionalities, fostering practical skills and expertise in its application.


The International Conference on Materials Innovation and Sustainable Infrastructure (ICMISI 2024) was a significant event organized by the Department of Civil Engineering at Vishnu Institute of Technology, Bhimavaram. Held from February 2nd to 3rd, 2024, the conference operated in hybrid mode, allowing both physical and virtual participation. A total of 171 research papers were submitted from various countries, representing 42 academic institutions across 5 nations. Out of these submissions, 115 papers were selected for presentation at the conference.

A diverse group of 300 participants engaged in the conference, contributing to vibrant discussions and knowledge exchange. The event featured esteemed keynote speakers and plenary speakers who shared their insights and experiences in the field. Notably, 9 keynote speakers and 3 plenary speakers from different countries enriched the conference with the summary of their research findings.

The inaugural session of ICMISI 2024 was graced by distinguished guests. Dr. M. V. Ravibabu, the Head of the Department at the National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, Hyderabad, India, and Dr. K. V. Suryabhagavan, a Professor at Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia, were honored as the chief guest and guest of honor, respectively.

A highlight of the event was the unveiling of the ICMISI 2024 souvenir, marking the occasion with a commemorative publication. Additionally, the conference offered a platform for networking and collaboration among researchers, practitioners, and industry stakeholders.

The significance of the conference extends beyond its immediate proceedings, as peer-reviewed and accepted papers are slated for publication in the prestigious Journal of Physics: Conference Series, indexed in Scopus. This ensures the dissemination of valuable research outcomes to a wider audience, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the field of materials innovation and sustainable infrastructure.

Furthermore, the support of platinum sponsors such as Sagar Cement and Jindal Steel underscores the industry's recognition of the conference's importance and relevance. Their sponsorship demonstrates a commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability in infrastructure development.

Overall, ICMISI 2024 served as a vital platform for interdisciplinary exchange, fostering collaboration and driving progress towards more sustainable and innovative infrastructure solutions.


We are thrilled to announce that our Department of Civil Engineering has successfully organized a Guest Talk on Civil Engineering for our third-year students.

The guest talk was a great success providing our students with valuable insights on Global opportunities in Civil Engineering for Fresher's and practical skills that every Student need to have for getting placed in Core Companies.


Department of Civil Engineering students along with HoD- Vvs . Sarma and Mr.K.S.Sai Kumar - Assistant professor Civil Engineering Department attended - EXCON- 2023, Largest Construction Equipment Event in South Asia between 12/12/2023 to 16/12/2023. Infrastructure sector is a key driver for Indian Economy.The sector is highly responsible for propelling India. This Visit helps our student's with valuable Insights regarding Different Construction Equipment's, Construction Materials,Renewable Energy,Innovative Precasting and Curing Technologies.

1. Programme Outcomes of Excon:

Excon aims to achieve industry-wide collaboration, technological advancement, and knowledge exchange, fostering a platform where participants (our students) gain insights into the latest construction trends and innovations.

2. Practical Application at Excon:

Students and our Faculty witness the practical implementation of cutting-edge construction equipment and technologies, gaining firsthand experience of their real-world applications in diverse construction scenarios.

3. Motivation at Excon:

Students and Faculty at Excon are motivated by the prospect of networking opportunities, staying abreast of industry advancements, and exploring collaborative ventures, making it a key event for professionals seeking inspiration and business growth in the construction sector.


AICTE Training and Learning (ATAL) Academy sponsored Faculty Development Program (FDP) on "CONTEMPORARY ADVANCES IN CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY" is organized by the Department of Civil Engineering and Department of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, Vishnu Institute of Technology (Autonomous), Vishnupur, Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh, India during November 20-25, 2023.

The outcomes of FDP are as follows:

  • Gain knowledge on 3D Printing Concrete, Earth Quake Resistant Construction and Design, and the Role of smart materials in construction technology.
  • Gained knowledge of advanced non-destructive testing of concrete, bacteria-based self-healing concrete, and recent advances in construction technology.
  • Gained knowledge of the importance of artificial intelligence and machine learning in construction technology.
  • Develop ANN and CNN models for the application in construction sites.
  • Train participants by conducting laboratory sessions on non-destructive and destructive testing of concrete.


We are happy to share that our Civil Engineering Students Visited the CSIR-structural Engineering Research Centre & IITM Research Park on 26/09/23 & 27/09/23 at Chennai.22 students from III rd Civil Engineering accompanied by 3 Staff members Dr. K. Vijay-Associate Professor, Mr. P. Rohit-Assistant Professor, Ms. M. Devika-Assistant professor.

The Industrial Visit was a great success, providing our students with valuable insights for those who are Aspiring for their careers in Research and Startups.

Program outcomes:

Exposure to Cutting-Edge Research: CSIR SERC is renowned for its research in structural engineering and related fields. Our students are exposed to the latest advancements and research projects in the field, providing insights into ongoing research by scientists in SERC.

Practical Application: CSIR SERC often conducts experiments and tests related to structural engineering. Students have witnessed these experiments firsthand, gaining practical knowledge that complements their academic learning.

Motivation and Enthusiasm: Witnessing the work being done at CSIR SERC can motivate and inspire students to excel in their studies and pursue excellence in their civil engineering careers.



Event: National Concrete Canoe Competition(NCCC)

Number of students participated: 6 Members

K Veera Bhavana, B.Likhitha, R Devi Priya(4th Year) K. Madhuri Kala, M.Bhagya Lakshmi, U.Durga Jahnavi(3rd Year)

Participated in National Concrete Canoe Competition and stood at 4th position of the total teams participated.


Number of students participated: 3 Members
K.Manvitha, M.Khyathi Sravani, Y.Khyathika Krishna Sai(3rd Year)


Participated in the Geowall competitionheld and won 1st Prize.


Number of students participated: 4 Members

M Meghana, Ch Vardhini, P Kejiya Ram Kumari,A Mounika(3rd Year)

Participated in the POTENTIAL ORATOR held at SVECW campus,Bhimavaram and won 1st Prize.



Number of students participated: 4 Members

M Meghana, Ch Vardhini, P Kejiya Ram Kumari,A Mounika(3rd Year)

Participated in the SOLICIT SEEKING and won 1st Prize.


Number of students participated: 1 Member
M Meghana(3rd Year)

Participated in the PHOTOSTAT and won 3rd Prize.


RUB (Road Under Bridge) was visited by the Civil Engineering Department. During this visit, the team conducted an in-depth research of seepage in a road under bridge as a case study and proposed numerous effective remedies. On the chairman's recommendation, we contacted higher-ranking officials. Ms. P. Prasanthi, Collector of West Godavari, received the case study and convened a meeting with the Municipal Commissioner of Bhimavaram, Municipal Engineer, ADE Railways, RUB Construction Agency, EE R&B, and Vishnu College Management. The Collector has issued orders for the situation to be resolved as quickly as possible and has directed that the entire team, as well as the Sri Vishnu Educational Society, visit the location. The Civil Engineering Department has sent the case study document to the team for future reference


Vishnu Institute of Technology has organized "CONCRETO 2K23: A National Level Concrete Cube Test Competition" on 28/4/2023.

34 teams from various Engineering colleges from Andhra and Telangana states had attended the competitionwith their casted cubes to our college. Material Testing of concrete cubes is done in the Concrete Technology lab under the supervision of Judges.

Three judges from Water Resource Department, Govt. of A.P. were invited for the Competition

1. Er. Jampa Venkata Krishna, Deputy Executive Engineer, Quality Control Division, Bhimavaram, Water Resources Department.

2. Er. Javvadi Dinesh, AEE Quality Control Section, Bhimavaram.

3. Er. Kavali Pratyusha, AEE, Quality Control Section, Bhimavaram.

The outcome of theCONCRETO

1. Sustainable materials : Usage of Eco friendly materials in Concrete to develop the strength parameters.
2. Minimum Compressive Strength is 30 MPa

Later on, the Deputy Executive Engineer delivered a guest lecture on Irrigation Engineering & Water Resources Engineering to our 1st ,2nd and 3rd year civil Engineering students of VIT- Bhimavaram and explained real time problems and their solutions on Agriculture crops, Irrigation requirements and Hydraulic structures built across rivers and canals ,Statistical Estimation of Irrigation regarding Bhimavaram Division.



Project Title: Dwindling of Carbon Dioxide Using Cooling Wind Tower.

Guides: Mr.Sk.S.Alisha & Mr. P.Fayaz
Number of students participated: 3 Members
B. Hemanth, K. Steven, S. Anantha Rao Naidu

Date: 28-03-2023 and 29-03-2023

Our project is regarding the Dwindling of carbon-dioxide using COOLING WIND TOWER Stood among top 136 themes OUT 0F 1440 projects


Title of the project: Installation of Automatic speed breakers in reused plastic bituminous road.

Guide: Ms.K.Suseela
Number of students participated: 3 Members
Ch. Keerthi, K.Ram Babu, N. Ajay Kumar

Date: 28-03-2023 and 29-03-2023

Our project is regarding the Installation of Automatic speed breakers in reused plastic bituminous road . Stood among top 136 themes OUT 0F 1440 projects


On Saturday, March 18, our second and third year B.Tech(37 students and 3 members faculty). Civil Engineering students went on an site visit to the following projects:

  • Polavaram Multi-PPurpose Irrigation Project
  • Pattiseema Lift Irrigation Project

The visit enabled the students to understand the water distribution, power distribution, and technologies used in earthen, rockfill, and concrete dams.

Also, the AE, AEE, and MEIL representatives of the project appreciated our students' enthusiasm and active participation during the industrial visits.


On the 10th of June 2022, the Department of Civil Engineering hosted a guest lecture on "Innovative and Effective Site Planning as per Vastu and Building Bye-Laws" by Resource Person Sri S.Srinivasulu, M.A. Astrology, who has over 20 years of experience in building planning and drawing using Vastu Shastra. In today's world, every construction project is constructed according to Vastu and building codes. We wanted to organize this event in order to teach fundamental knowledge on those aspects.

Outcome: Students will be able to discover various building components and plan buildings according to specifications.They have spoken with the resource person and had their queries resolved.


Project Supervisor Kyle Suseela, Structural Engineering, Assistant Professor

Potholes are the main cause of accidents and traffic congestions.In order to rectify this issue, we experimented with plastic tiles and equipped them in potholes.This procedure helps us in recycling of plastic waste and temporary repair of potholes. This pot hole patching project was implemented in Kovvada-Annavaram village near SVES campus Bhimavaram with prior permissions from Kovvada-Annavaram Panchayat officials. Our students completed the patching work using this plastic tiles and achieved successful results.


Project Supervisor Bandaru Mary Devika, Structural Engineering, Assistant Professor

Embankment failures aremost common type of failures in flexible pavements. The primary reason for this failure is improper compaction of material in the pavement layers.

In order to rectify this problem, we came up with an idea of strengthening the sub-base layer by using plastic bottles that are sliced on both sides. These cylindrical sections are now connected with multiple sections to emulate Geocell structure. Holes are punched into these sections to facilitate water drainage. This structure is now placed in the sub base layer and filled up with the sub base materials. This procedure increases the stability of the embankment and thus increases the life span of the pavement.

This project was successfully carried out by Civil Engineering Students at Gollalakoderu area. Increasing the pavement's life span and reuse of plastic waste are the primary intentions of the project.



Project Supervisors: M. MANIKANTA,SK ALISHA
The main objective of our project is to show clear visualization of interior and exterior design and also to provide high quality images so that the client can easily understand the real visualization. Initially we had done the survey by using total station and then implemented those surveyed co-ordinates into the AutoCAD to develop the 2D plan to show length and breadth. After the completion of 2D plan, we imported it into the Revit to develop 3D model. Next, we rendered all the components of building and synchronized it with the twin motion to add motion of trees, people and also to get high quality images. Finally, we developed the 360 degree virtual reality video of Vishnu institute of technology.

Vishnu institute of technology 3D View


The Department of Civil Engineering organized an industrial visit to the Indian Institute of Science and EXCON 2022 Expo inBangalorefor 2ndyear and 3rd year students. 14 students along with 3 faculty members visited the venues on 20th May 2022.

Students and faculty met with Civil department faculty of IISC and visited various laboratories, including the Advanced Geotechnical lab, Structural Engineering lab, Remote Sensing lab, Advanced Concrete Technology lab, and Hydraulics lab, where they learned about new testing methods and research strategies.

EXCON 2022 is the largest construction equipment expo in the South-Asia region. The expo enabled exposure to new construction technologies, modern equipment, and their applications in construction technology.


A One Week Workshop on 'Total Station' is organized by the Department of Civil Engineering, Vishnu Institute of Technology, Bhimavaram from 28th March to 2nd April, 2022 in collaboration with "UNIQUE SURVEY SOLUTIONS".

This workshop provided the opportunity to the students to use the Total Station for Surveying Solutions. The students were given inputs on uses of Total Station or TST (Total Station Theodolite) which is an electronic/optical instrument used in modern surveying and building construction. This eliminates the need for an assistant staff member as the operator holds the reflector and controls the total station from the observed point. The students had enhanced their knowledge in calculations of linear dimensions, area, column markings etc. on site. Apart from this, the students were also introduced with AutoCAD applications associated with Total Station. The main objective of this workshop is to introduce Total Station and its operation to the students and enhance their employment readiness.


The Department of Civil Engineering at Vishnu Institute of Technology has organized a one-day workshop on "Joy of Engineering" on March 22nd 2022. The session's speaker is Dr. K.V.S.G Murali Krishna, B.E, M.E, Ph.D. Professor of Civil Engineering, JNTUK.

The students learned about the engineering aspects of waste disposal, composting, and environmental responsibility.He also spoke about how old and traditional gardening methods, as well as recycling techniques can influence the future of the earth.

Furthermore, students and faculty were encouraged to use simple gardening and plantation techniques to enhance the amount of vegetation around their dwellings.


The Department of Civil Engineering, Vishnu Institute of Technology, Bhimavaram, organized a 6-day Workshop on "Revit Architecture" in association with AP State Skill Development Corporation (APSSDC) from 03-01-2022 to 08-01-2022.Students from III B.Tech Civil engineering participated in this program. The main objective of this workshop is to impart knowledge in usage of Autodesk Revit software in design of a building, its structure and components in 3D, annotate the model with 2D drafting elements, and access building information from the building model's database. Revit is 4D BIMcapable with tools to plan and track various stages in the building's lifecycle, from concept to construction and later maintenance and/or demolition.


Resource Person:

Mr. K. Bala Venkata Manikanta Prasanna
Assistant Engineer,
Mission Bhageeratha Urban,
NCC Limited

Purpose of the Talk:

The primary goal of this lecture was to familiarize our students with the site fundamentals and working environments in which they may encounter difficulties once their engineering degrees have been earned.

The resource person also discussed numerous building construction projects as well as projects involving thermal power plants, including those involving ESP, boilers, pump houses, etc.

The resource person also discussed his work history and the challenges he encountered during cover projections, backfilling excavations, etc.


Department of Civil Engineering has organized One Week Workshop onLAND SURVEY USING TOTAL STATION from 02-01-2023 to 07-01-2023

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to surveying instruments.
  • Tripod Setting, Bubble Setting and Tilt Setting.
  • Creating new Job/File, Pole Handling.
  • Distance between two inaccessible points(MLM) Remote Height.
  • Measuring and Storing points, fixing the station with using of back sight station, topographical survey shifting instrument in area.
  • Survey, Topographical Survey.
  • Resection find out an unknown point with using of resection method.
  • Setting out, Column marking, Footing marking, Plot marketing etc.



MarchingTowards Amrit Kaal With Science, Technology and Innovation 22-23 The Shortlisted students and mentors have Participated in INDIAN INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE FESTIVAL(IISF) 2023 Held At Bhopal(MP). From 21 st January To 24 th January 2023.

Project Title :

Dwindling of carbon-dioxide using COOLING WIND TOWER


Mentors-Mr.Shaik Subhan Alisha, Mr.P.Fayaz


1.A.Naga Pavan Sai-19PA1A0105, 2.B.Nanda Reddy-19PA1A0109

Problem Statement:

Accumulation of man-made carbon-dioxide (i.e; through industries) in the atmosphere is consideredas a significant cause of global warming.
In addition to this, it majorly effects the health of the people working in the industries


1.Providing a coolant beehive cooling installation in the walls of industries or in cornersdepending on the convenience.
2. Manufacturing of cloth using microalgae having carbon-dioxide absorbing nature.ex:curtains,shirts,pants etc


The main goal of this visit is to familiarise our students with each of the individual components of the Srisailam Dam, such as the spillway process, water level distribution, and water storage. After entering the gallery, we observed the dam's construction process as well as seepage measurements and information on the axillary dam, among other things. They observed the power distribution, the penstock, the pump operations, and the shaft room in the Srisailam Dam Right Bank Power House (SRBPH).

Learned about the difference between pre and post tensioning, END block systems, the precast batching process, the precast mould, the installation of precast components, and the bar bending schedule at PRECA SOLUTIONS INDIA. At the front door, the engineering staff greeted us and gave us a quick tour of their facilities.

At MAHINDRA UNIVERSITY, students have had the opportunity to study about cutting-edge research areas, including the analysis of structures, monitoring of their health, and the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the field of civil engineering. Visited the laboratories, saw the XRD and SEM analyses, learned about the geotechnical advanced testing equipment and advanced concrete techniques.

ICLEAN, M/s. INTEGRATED CLEANROOM TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED. They have had exposure to GRP Panels (Preparation, Materials Used, Progress), as well as the progress of installation of various industrial panels based on specifications.


Concrete grades and construction aspects at site. Basic rules which we will follow for design aspects.Different tests on soil & different grades of concrete & steel which we are using at present conditions.Latest technology in construction industry

Outcomes of the Workshop

  • A Technical workshop on "Practical aspects of design and construction of Buildings" The resource person for this session was Dr.Colonel P Nallathambi, Managing Director sakthi consultancy Private Limited, Chennai
  • Students understood the Basic Concepts involved in the Building Construction. They learned practical aspects involved in Building construction like Different grades of concrete used in footings, columns, beams etc and types of steel used in different levels of construction.
  • Students gained the knowledge and importance of code books like IS 456-2000 and IS 800-2007 which are used for the design of several Components like Beams, Columns, Slabs and Footings.
  • Students also understand the difference between the Theoretical and Practical Aspects involved in the Session.
  • Students have undergone various doubts regarding the failures of the structures where the construction failures takes place at sites such as slab leakages and bridge failures etc.


Department of Civil Engineering are happy to share that our concrete canoe team 'ABHIYANTA' reached a milestone that the Canoe successfully trailed in our Campus Lake.

  • It is designed as Flat Bottom Hull Shaped with diving capacity of one person.
  • It is designed for Maximum loading capacity of 150 kgs.
  • We followed some design specifications to meet the requirements.
  • We undergone some key tests in water like , Level Floatation stability, Buoyancy Test, Level Floatation without weight of person, Sink boat Test ,Dry stability and 10 min Float Test.

Faculty Coordinators:

Mr. P. Fayaz, Mr. K. Sai Kumar, Mr. P. Rohith.


The Department of Civil Engineering of Vishnu Institute of Technology has organised a 5-Day online FDP on "Applications of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Civil Engineering" from 24th December 2022 to 29th December 2022.

The Program was in augurated in the presence of Dr.D. Suryanarayana (Principal & Director - Vishnu Institute of Technology Bhimavaram), Dr. K. Srinivas (Vice Principal - Vishnu Institute of Technology Bhimavaram) and Mr. V V S Sarma (Head - Department of Civil Engineering - Vishnu Institute of Technology Bhimavaram). The Speakers/resource persons were Dr. Venkata Dilip Kumar Pasupuleti (Associate Professor, Mahindra University, Hyderabad), Dr. K. V. R. Ravi Shankar (Associate Professor, NIT Warangal), Dr. Pijush Samui(Professor, NIT Patna), Dr. G. R. Dodagoudar(Professor, IIT Madras) and Dr. Raghukanth, IIT Madras).

This FDP is intended to facilitate Enhancement of Knowledge & Skill in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and their applications in Civil Engineeering. A total of 280 participants were enrolled from different countries and regions with in India.


Mr. Sk. Subhan Alisha, Mr.PathanFayaz, Mr. B. D. V. Prasad and Ms.B M Devika.


An interaction section on various programs and workshops run by National Academy of Construction (A Society of State Government of Telangana) for final and Pre final Civil Engineering students was conducted on 28th august 2018 regarding "Employable skills for Civil Engineering Graduates Gaps and proposed Mitigation" Prof. K.R.Ramana, Director (WRDI-PGP), NAC and Ms. K.Madhuri, Assistant Director (Trg), NAC had been the resource persons attending the workshop.


Mr.K.Ashwani Reddy, a Civil Engineering graduate from Vishnu Institute of Technology, got selected for L&T -Build India scholarship

Overall 35000 students attended the exam, out of which 500 were selected for the interview which was conducted in IIT Madras. Finally 120 students qualified for the course offered by the company and our student is one among them . The company offered him a seat in M.Tech course at IIT CHENNAI /IIT DELHI, with a stipend of Rs13,500/- per month.Later he will be placed in L&T as Post Graduate Engineer Trainee.