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Energy Swaraj on essence of sustainability

Energy Swaraj on essence of sustainability is organized by Sri Vishnu educational society by inviting Prof.Chetan Singh Solanki is an educator, researcher, innovator who is currently on unpaid leave from IIIT Bombay. Prof.Solanki has undertaken energy swaraj yatra through a solar bus for 11years until 2030.In the proposed event Prof.Solanki has addressed about CO2 emission, pollution and their after effect on climatic & environmental pattern.

Prof.Solanki, conveyed the importance of transmission towards the renewable sector and also added the adverse effect of conventional energy resources in the near future.

Professor also have given some mentors like AMG, i.e., Avoid Consumption of More energy, Minimize consumption of more energy and generate by own in our area. Various awareness regarding on solar energy, resources ongoing program, Projects and future development have been discussed and students were given with various links for their participation in the energy swaraj movement Finally, the students were witnessed the swaraj yatra bus and learnt a lot from the expert.

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