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Vishnu Institute of Technology celebrated the National Library Week from 14th to 20th November, 2018. On this occasion, various literary events like Oral Presentation (Mythological Character), Picture Interpretation, Group Debate, Fetch the Book, Coding Contest, GK Kahoot! Game Quiz and Library Quiz competitions are held.

Prize winners:

Oral Presentation (Mythological Character):

I Prize : S V Nishanth - 17PA1A03A4
II Prize : V Sruthi - 18PA1A05F1
III Prize :G Vignesh - 17PA1A03B6
Judges :P Sekhar & B Sita Kalyani (BS)

Picture Interpretation:

I Prize :S V Nishanth Kumar - 17PA1A03A4
II Prize :G Vighnesh - 17PA1A03B6
III Prize :V Sruthi - 18PA1A05F1
Judges :N Tulasi (BS) & E Surendra (MBA)

Group Debate:

I Prize :P Manideep Sai - 18PA5A0320
II Prize :T Bindu Latha - 18PA1A0419
III Prize :G Bhavya - 18PA1A0449
Judges :D Vijaya Lakshmi (BS), M Uma Somaraju (MBA) & M Dileep(ECE)

Fetch the Book:

I Prize :P Sai Praveen - 17PA1A0390
II Prize :M Venkat Kiran - 17PA1A0366
III Prize :T Jyothi - 18PA1A05F8
Judges :B Sita Kalyani (BS)

Library Quiz:

I Prize :Ch Srinivasa Reddy - 18PA1A0424 & V L Sowjanya - 18PA1A04G1
II Prize :B Chinmayi - 18PA1A1207 & M Raghavi - 18PA1A05A1
Judge :B Sita Kalyani (BS)

Coding Contest (2nd Years):

I Prize :K Ravi Teja - 17PA1A0571
II Prize :B Sadhvi - 17PA1A0512
III Prize :K Lakshmi Mani Deepika -17PA1A0583
Judges :M V Durga Rao (CSE)

Coding Contest (1st Year):

I Prize :G Sanjay - 18PA1A1211
II Prize :T Shalin - 18PA1A1242
III Prize :K Vicky Martin - 18PA1A0564
Judges :P S Surya Teja (CSE)

GK Kahoot! Game Quiz:

I Prize :A Lakshmana Rao -18PA1A0511
II Prize :G Siva Shankar - 17PA1A0537
III Prize :G Prasad Raju - 18PA1A0553
Judge :P C Viswanadh (BS)

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