A Two Day National Level Technical Symposium
Organized by Vishnu Institute of Technology
on 20 - 21, December 2019.

Vishnu Institute of Technology

The Campus, sprawling over 100 acres, is located in the verdant atmosphere of Vishnupur in Bhimavaram. The intent of establishing VISHNU is to provide quality technical education with professional outlook and all-round development of students. It offers UG courses in CE, ME, EEE, ECE, CSE , IT and PG courses in CSE, ECE, EEE, ME and MBA. VITB has carved a niche in technical education for its best teaching learning practices, high quality intake, excellent infrastructure facilities, highest number of placements, etc. VISHNU has instituted state of the art research labs like Assistive Technology Lab (in collaboration with UMASS LOWELL, U.S.A), Bigdata Lab, Innovation Next, National Instruments(NI) etc. Students are exposed to the latest technologies like IoT, Robotics, Embedded Systems, e-Bikes, Nano Technology, Vehicle Technology, Waste Water Management, Solar Power Generation etc.


The Ideathon (Business Idea Competition) promotes creativity, idea generation, and entrepreneurship by recognizing innovative ideas for new products, services, and technology.


A workshop on Natural Language Processing followed by hackathon. The workshop introduces concepts of numpy,pandas,basic ML concepts to help the attendees work on the dataset given for hackathon. The hackathon will be judged based on the accuracy of the model.

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Dazzle Coding

Got good hands in Coding? Ever thought of writing the code with MONITOR OFF? Sounds challenging? Dazzle Coding is a competition where the participants will have to code with the MONITORS switched OFF. So, give it a try.

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Crypt your Mind

Crypt your mind is a paper-pen based test, where the text given will be in encrypted format. Based on the key/hint provided, the CIPHER TEXT must be decrypted so as to get the plain text.

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Code Champs

A fun filled coding competition where you will be competing against other people, passing through each level demonstrating your analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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Relay Coding

Relay Coding is a programming event which mainly focuses on programming and ability to understand the Coding skills among the team of participants.

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Gaming Arena

Are you an online gamer? Then this event is for you. Compete with fellow gamers and win the game.

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Find out everything there is to know about robots and stay updated on the latest robots and inventions with the comprehensive interactive features.


Here comes the most exhilarating event of VALIANT 2K19, Metal tracking, which challenges your ability to see and notice things that we all might normally just overlook in our busy lives. You need to think, run and explore to win this event. In this event the Game Master will drop various treasures around the VIT campus. Players will have stipulated time to locate those treasure troves and collect the prizes.

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This event is focussed on the ability to create models which are typically used in automotive industries. Design challenge is an event to evaluate the drafting and modelling skills of the students. This program can helps the students to explore design ideas and visualize concepts which make them to think in virtual world and take them to next level of imagination.

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A Short Film competition invites young amateur filmmakers (College Students) to make Short Films. Registered batches are supposed to make a short film on given topic. Topic is common to all batches. Students should prepare their own plot and should complete the Short Film within given time and in college premises. Winning Batch will be decided based on final work considering Plot, Direction, Editing etc.

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Project expo is a technical project compitition. Students are getting a platform to demonstratetheir vibrant thoughts by creating their imagination into real life model. They will be able to display their solicitous support to the development of our society.The variances in the idea will enhance their thought to broader way.

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A jigsaw puzzle competition typically consists of individuals and teams that compete against one another putting a puzzle together. Whoever completes their puzzle first wins! Typically, these events include multiple rounds to determine the ultimate winner, but however, you choose to set up the competition is up to you . RACE THE CLOCK BUILD YOUR PUZZLE BEFORE THE OTHER TEAMS

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This event slow bike race is to test your patience and to make you a more confident rider and thereby to improve your balance and handling capabilities under slow conditions like traffic or congestion on roads. In slow bike races, riders of any age and fitness level compete to advance as slowly as possible without falling off their bikes or rolling backward. Unlike regular races, the last to reach the finish line wins.

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The idea behind this event is to build a smart car which can run with the control of Bluetooth from android phone and cross the obstacles in its path, avoid it and resume its running and reach the final destination. In this event, the team has to demonstrate their design and perform the given tasks.


It is an interesting hands-on event where we can evaluate the practical knowledge of participants on circuits. The team members have to realize the circuits practically to get specified output.

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The Mind Fizz

It is an excellent mind sport in which the players (in teams) attempt to answer questions correctly. It is a game to test the knowledge about various technical subjects. At last a Technical Treasure Hunt will be the deciding factor to become the winner.

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It is an interesting hands-on event where the students will demonstrate their skills in doing a project. It is a platform where they can showcase their innovative solutions in the form of the project to meet the daily challenges in the society.

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A water rocket is a type of model rocket using water as its reaction mass. The water is forced out by a pressurized gas, typically compressed air. Like all rocket engines, it operates on the principle of Newton's third law of motion.

Potential Professor

Another innovative event in which participants can give a presentation on the topics related to various sub-disciplines of Civil Engineering and other miscellaneous topics as per their interest.

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Super Structure

This event follows the construction and management of various constructions by using materials like cards, wooden sticks, card boards, thermocol boxes, and wooden blocks with the binding materials such as plaster and pins etc..

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Building Mania

You will be given required no of bricks, mud, water and some sort of material you require. You need to construct a wall with those bricks with the help of material you will be given. The wall should be constructed in Flemish bonding.

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This topography is aimed at testing the limits of surveying skills and capability of solving practical problems.

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It is time to fire up your imagination and creativity, so this event aims to test imagination of designers. This CAD War is about testing the brilliance of solid modelling and detailing a structure in AutoCAD (3D). Now the clash has begun so boot up your modelling intelligences and polish your skills and get ready with your tricks.

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Crazy Rocket

To demonstrate Newton's third law of motion that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Pressurized water & air creates a non-polluting source of transportation by expelling from the vessel they are in and creating powerful propulsion.

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The event aim is to build the drone according to the specifications and also to enhance the Self confidence and the Technical skills of the students towards innovative designs.

Lab View Whizz

Graphical Programming contest in LabVIEW

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Fox Hunt

Fox Hunt is a technical event which goes on the lines of traditional English activity of tracking and chasing a fox by a trained hound. As participants, you should HUNT a hidden radio transmitter (the FOX) by using the given receiver. The technical fun lies in finding the radio transmitter (FOX) which is situated in an undisclosed location by using the receiver. We test how good you are in the concepts and fast finding. Apply your brains in concepts of COMMUNICATION and crack the event

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Project Expo is a technical event in which the participants should prepare their project at their college and they have to bring the project to demonstrate before the judges.

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Games and sports are an integral part of a student's life. A student should study hard to be successful in competitive examinations. But, he should also play games and sports to enjoy the health and vigor of life.

-Sweet Memories

The tech fest received an overwhelming response from 60 colleges across the country. A variety of technical events like Paper presentations, Projects and Poster presentations, Sports competitions and Creative gallery events were organized at various venues in the campus.


Mr.Sk Alisha - 7660082181

Asst.Prof, Dept of CIVIL

Mr.P.Naveen - 9701817771

Asst.Prof, Dept of EEE

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Asst.Prof, Dept of MECH

Mr.P.S.Maitrey - 9640534325

Assoc.Prof, Dept of ECE

Mr.I.Kali Pradeep - 9010024172

Asst.Prof, Dept of CSE

Dr.P.Sita Rama Murty-9290871843

Assoc.Prof, Dept of IT

Mr.M.U.Someswara Raju - 9912099299

Asst.Prof, Dept of MBA

Dr.M.Rajesh Yadav - 9948292947

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  Last date for Registration 13-Dec-2019
  Selection / Intimations by E-Mail / SMS 15-Dec-2019
  Confirmation of Participants 16-Dec-2019

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