To ignite the minds of the students through academic excellence so as to bring about social transformation and prosperity.


- To expand the frontiers of knowledge through quality education.
- To embody a spirit of excellence in teaching, creativity, scholarship and out reach.
- To provide a platform for synergy of academy, Industry and community.
- To inculcate high standards of ethical and professional behavior.


- We strive for excellence in all that we do in order to model success for our students.
- We focus on Student success and satisfaction and meeting the needs of the community.
- We take pride in the quality of our organization and work, and we value, originality, integrity, consistency, and attention to detail.
- We stay abreast of ever-changing youth culture, emerging communication technologies and design trends.
- We set benchmarks and model high quality standards for students, faculty, staff, and community partners.
- We lay utmost importance on discipline, punctuality, personal values and healthy practices.
- We create an innovative environment for students and staff to develop an integrated personality.
- Inclusive community projects.


- To foster and develop an academic team to cater the ever increasing demands of the Industry needs.
- To develop Vishnu Institute of Technology as an International Institute of Excellence.
- To establish centers of excellence in frontier areas of research, and design innovation centers with industry collaboration.
- To design and implement educational system adhering to outcome based International models.
- To deliver higher education that includes technologies and meeting the global requirements.
- To apply professional expertise to increasingly complex problems/projects.
- To promote international conferences / seminars / workshops in collaboration with professional bodies for creation of avenues for research exchange.
- To indigenize the global technological solutions and develop the products, and services that transforms the standard of living of rural India.
- To provide skills through curriculum and training that are essential in fostering entrepreneurial thoughts and employability prospectus.
- To continuously upgrade overall quality of the Institute based on aspects of regular feed back from the stake holders.