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Vishnu Telephone Exchange

EWSD(Electronic sWitching System Digital) Version16 manufactured by M/s SIEMENS is Commissioned at Vishnu Engineering college Vishnupuram , Bhimavaram with plinth area of 24.5 sq.m on 10.07.2009. It is a remote switching unit (RSU) connected to Bhimavaram main exchange in which the subscribers with in the RSU can talk among themselves in case of link failure with main exchange. This switch can have 928 subscribers which can be extended further as per need. At a time maximum of 120 subscribers can speak in different 120 available channels.

Capacity & Functionalities

 This exchange is provided with Optical fiber system with eight number of 2 Mbps links. A separate fiber is used for DSLAM for Broadband connectivity upto 2 Mbps. This exchange is provided with power plant of HECL make with capacity of 4 modules of 50 Amps each and Battery Amarraja make with capacity 300AH (2 sets).

Facilities available at present are call forwarding, call waiting, call hunting, CENTREX. Every subscriber can have caller I/D facility in the system. Subscriber can budget his outgoing calls with call budget facility. This system provides "caller tunes" facility to all subscribers.