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To be internationally competent

With the aim of making the students internationally competent VISHNU offers courses in foreign languages to B.Tech as well as MBA students. Courses offered are German, Spanish and French in collaboration of Language Labs, Chennai.The courses are according to the norms of the European Framework for Languages.

The Accelerated pace of globalization has led to the proliferation of Multinational Companies. In this context the knowledge of foreign languages helps in performing ones tasks effectively. Hence the demand for engineering graduates with a knowledge of foreign languages.

German based companies like SAP for example prefer professionals with a knowledge of German since it facilitates better co-operation between the regional and the head office

On the other hand, Infosys, for example, has 3 offices in Germany, 2 offices in France, 1 in Mexico). Working in countries such as France, Germany, Spain, Latin America etc., where English is not the main language, requires foreign language proficiency

Knowledge of foreign languages also helps in pursuing higher education abroad, technical as well non technical.

Career Options


Companies with overseas association would need technical and engineering personnel with foreign language proficiency for titles like Research Worker, Technical Engineer, Quality Control Supervisor Overseas Plant Manager, Engineer, Transport Equipment Specialist, Computer Systems Designer, Production Supervisor, Laboratory Technician, , Production Engineer, Technical Writer etc.

Language Engineer: A combination of foreign language and software skills is essential


Translators usually are specialized for translation in the technical or literary fields. Similar to that of the Interpreter, the translator can also work as staff in Governments, International Agencies, Conferences, Publishers and other business organizations.

International e.g. United Nations

The UN is the largest employer of language specialists which includes translators, editors and interpreters. Bilinguals have an edge here and can also work as economists, education specialists, financial analysts, public information officers, librarians, technical specialists in the fields of agriculture and industries, engineers and statisticians. The United Nations conducts a yearly competitive examination followed by an interview for the recruitment of Foreign Language specialists

Business, Industry & Commerce The types of companies needing management and sales personnel with foreign language skills cover the whole spectrum of the business world. In their operations, they find that foreign language proficiency is an enormous advantage. Positions for which companies find foreign language ability necessary or desirable include: Import-Export Agent, Marketing Coordinator, Overseas Personnel Manager, Copywriter, Purchasing Agent, Executive Assistant, Trade Analyst, Air Traffic Assistant, Buyer, Interpreter/Translator

Banking & Financial Positions

As international business and industry expand, international banking and financial activity naturally follows. Today one fourth of all new direct investment goes abroad. This increased emphasis on the international financial market is accompanied by a growing need for foreign language skills. The variety of positions involved in this area include: Senior Credit Analyst, Commercial Loan Officer, Administrative Assistant, Controller, Accountants/Auditors/Bookkeepers, Banking Correspondents, Finance Director, Bilingual Officers, Clerks & Tellers

One could enhance ones job opportunities by supplementing ones core knowledge with training in foreign languages. Vishnu Institute of Technology offers courses at different levels like A1, A2, B1, B2 and so on. The courses are offered on a week end basis or in an intensive mode.