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Vishnu Institute of Technology estrablished a good infrastructure to conduct University and various examinations. In view of the continuous evaluation of students, two mid examinations and end examinations at regular intervals are conducted officially. In addition, college conducts two pre-mid examinations to help brush up their knowledge and prepares students to fare well in the final examinations.

Exam Cell Roles & Responsibilities

The examination cell of the college is the most active and vibrant body which remains active throughout the year, This wing is strengthen with good number of well trained and dedicated work minded people. A part from holding university exams regularly the cell looks after the evaluation work assigned by the university. The examination cell plays a very active role in practical examination and internal exams like departmental and class tests. It also collaborates with the department concern for individual student result analysis.

Exam Cell Team:
    Mr. M.Vijaya Bhaskar
  • Incharge +91 9949486543
  • Mr. Mr.D.John Subuddhi
  • Co-ordinator        +91 9966342299    John
  • Mr. Mr.K Sudhakar
  • Co-ordinator        +91 9642843748
  • Mr. L V Sekhar Babu
  • Member      +91 9908158353
  • Mr.V Ramanjaneyulu
  • Member     +91 9985529530