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Vishnu Institute of Technology

We believe that the key issue in engineering education is quality and commitment. The College provides all avenues for the students overall growth. Each engineering department has its own students' council, to take care of the technical needs of the students and bridge the gap between theoretical and practical aspects of their field of specialization. The Councils organize guest lectures, by invited professionals and experts from technological organizations, and arrange industrial visits. Seminars are also organized to develop presentation and public addressing skills in students.


Computer Science & Engineering

The objective of the department is “To develop efficient and dynamic Computer Science Engineers with academic excellence, effective communication skills, leadership skills, excellent character, and high integrity to serve the interests of the society and  nation”.

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

The mission of the department is to develop innovative, competent, efficient disciplined and quality Electrical and Electronics Engineers and to enrich knowledge and encourage the students to become Entrepreneurs.

Electronics & Communication Engineering

The mission of the department is “To impart Quality Education in Electronics and Communication Engineering”. Advanced subjects such as Wireless Digital Communications, Digital Signal Processing, Microprocessors, Micro Controllers, etc are offered in the department.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical-name derives from the Latin machina, which means invention or trick. The first machines such as the wheel and the needle with an eye date back to the stone age, but the term engine, adapted from the Latin ingenium, natural ability, had by the time of the late Roman Empire become associated with invention, and eventually, with a skilled machine-the engine.

Civil Engineering

The main objective of the department is "To give the nation qualitative Civil Engineers, who can contribute for the construction of a better world with sophisticated infrastructural facilities, eco friendly houses, modern transportation facilities with a pollution free environment and to protect the precious natural resources of this planet". All the laboratories of the department are well equipped with advanced and sophisticated instruments, to fully satisfy the training needs of the students and to meet the research and consultancy requirements of the department. Conducting seminars, workshops and conferences on the latest developments and arranging internships, industrial visits and expert lectures for the benefit of the students are regular features in the department.

Information Technology

To provide our students with the ability to perform analysis, specification, design and implementation of quality computer solutions. To develop students with theoretical computer science backgrounds and the mathematical and analytical maturity necessary to allow them to adapt to changing requirements in the job market.

Business Administration

The department is committed to groom skilled managers to meet evolving needs of the Industry and trade. Along with the University curriculum, the department aims at improving management, understanding and developing skills to meet business world's increasing expectations.

Basic Sciences

The department strongly believes that a sound and application-oriented knowledge in Basic Science is crucial and in fact, a pre-requisite for the study of any Engineering. The Message of the department centers around this idea and spreads in all possible dimensions.