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Vishnu Educational Development and Innovation Centre


The Vishnu Educational Development and Innovation Centre (VEDIC) is a place where our faculty members, staff, students, and other members work in a collaborative environment to create rich, engaged learning and teaching experiences; conduct research in all aspects of education; increase student success, build vital partnerships for improved learning, and invites individuals to become members of an intellectually diverse, active learning community.

Center Goals

VEDIC will
  • Engage our Institutions faculty members, staff, students, to work in a collaborative environment to create rich, engaged learning, teaching and improved behavioral experiences
  • Contribute to significant increases in student learning retention and graduation rates; and thus establish our Institution as a System leader in the areas of Educational Research and Academic Leadership.

Purpose of Establishing the Centre

The VEDIC will be a powerful mechanism for engaging students, faculty, and staff across campuses, their disciplines and professions, and their own learning and career development processes. This centre would conduct both fundamental and applied research in the field of education that suits to improve learning and educational practices in the educational streams of arts, science, medicine and engineering. The Center can provide a model for the Vishnu Group of Institutions, in achieving excellence toward integrating academic and student support services by placing the student experience at the heart of its activities and empowering students to become institutional and community leaders in all areas of the institution's functioning. In addition, this Center will serve as liaison to both the broader community and the landscape of higher education itself. This will lead to increased persistence and graduation rates by establishing students, faculty and staff as co-participants within the very activities and programs central to an improved education and the success of its constituents.