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About our faculty

VISHNU believes that the reputation of a college integrally lies in the excellence of the faculty. Accordingly efforts are constantly made to recruit the best of faculty. Here, the faculty, a dynamic mixture of the experienced and the freshers, brings in a great deal of expertise, enthusiasm and energy to our institution.

The faculty members hold doctorates and degrees from institutions of repute. Many of them have joined VISHNU at the peak of their teaching career. They carry over to their students, their passion for knowledge and constantly strive to kindle the enthusiasm of the learners in the subject. The teaching fraternity strives to adopt the latest methods of instruction attempting to make the learning more practical oriented.

Teaching Excellence

The society too, for its part strives in equipping the faculty with the latest techniques involved in the engineering education. Accordingly workshops and seminars are organized in the campus in collaboration with IUCEEE, the Indo US Centre of Engineering Education. This, in fact, plays a crucial role in imparting technical education. Similarly many of the faculty members are engaged in research since the college is committed to the quality and productivity of the faculty.