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Awards & Achievements

Centre for Employability Enhancement

Today's knowledge based economy is defined by exponential growth of information and the emergence of new skills making the workplace highly demanding. A workforce that has technical proficiency, soft skills and good communication skills is the need of the hour. Rising to the occasion our Chairman Shri K.V. Vishnu Raju, established the Centre for Employability Enhancement at the campuses both at Hyderabad and Bhimavaram.
The Centre for Employability Enhancement is committed to enhancing the employability of our students. It has developed its own framework of employability skills embedded into the academic schedule. Students will be trained in the key skills that help them to secure employment and enable them to make the transition from college to the workplace smoothly.

Centre for Employability Enhancement

The key skills focused upon are:

English Language Proficiency
Soft Skills
Critical Thinking Skills
Technical Skills

Students will be trained through both In-house and External training programmes, workshops and extracurricular schemes.