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Awards & Achievements

The English Empyrean

27/7 goes into the annals of Vishnu Institute of Technology, as the day that marks the inaugural of the English Club, the English Empyrean, the first ever club to be established in the campus. The English Empyrean is a concrete realization of the zeal, enthusiasm and flair for English among the student fraternity. It is organized by the students with the support of the Department of Basic Science.
Activities are organized on a monthly basis. Adlib is the Speaking arena, Lexicozion is for the diehard fans of English vocabulary and Dexter's Hub is a platform for creative expression. Quiz, Jam Sessions, Debates, Group Discussions and a plethora of other activities are organized. Furthermore all the literary activities of the college are organized by the members of the English club.

Foreign Languages at Vishnu

To adapt Jawaharlal Nehru’s aphorism, language is the window of the world, knowing more languages simply opens more windows. In the post globalized era, opportunities in education and career have increased exponentially. To make use of this opportunity, a skill that is a must in the arsenal of any student is the proficiency in foreign languages. It makes the students familiar with the language and culture of different countries as well. recisely with this very intention of making the students globally competent, Vishnu Institute of Technology offers courses in foreign languages. Proficiency courses in German, French, Spanish are offered in collaboration with Goethe Zentrum of Hyderabad and Language Labs, Chennai. Since the inception of the college in 2008, five batches of students have been trained in German. The importance of foreign language study can be best realized by studying one!